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Chou Sou
Chinese Zhao Zhuang
Kanji 赵庄
Romaji Chuu Sou
Biographical Information
Deceased (Slain)
Marital Status Unknown
Age 30s
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Skin Pale
State Zhao
Location Bayou (Death Place)
Birth Place Zhao
Professional Information
Classification Army Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Zhao Military
Chou Sou Army
Military Rank General
Equipment N/A
Japanese VA Kenjirou Tsuda
Manga Debut Chapter 115
Anime Debut Episode 26

Chou Sou was a Zhao General and the Strategist for the Hou Ken Army. He was slain by Tou in 244 B.C during the Battle of Bayou.


He had a small goatee, long dark hair and a mole on his forehead.


Chou Sou had a tactical and calm personality that was needed for a good strategist. 


Battle of Bayou Arc[]

Chou Sou was first seen arriving with Hou Ken and the other generals at Bayou and compliments Kou Son Ryuu on leading the Zhao advance guard. He notes the field disadvantage for the Qin cavalry and mentions that they also can't turn their attention to the besieged city, so the only course of action is to meet Ou Ki on the field.

Watching the Battle of Bayou from the Zhao HQ, he comments that brute force alone will not be enough to defeat Ri Haku and goes on to mention the specialty of each Zhao general, noting that with them in the lead, the Zhao army has no weaknesses. Chou Sou notices the Qin left army charging and wonders why they would do such a thing. He notices that the Hi Shin Unit has been caught by Fuu Ki's 300 elite bodyguards, predicting their doom and comments on how one-sided the battle looks in Zhao's favor. Chou Sou sweats slightly at the sight of the Hi Shin Unit pushing towards Fuu Ki but is relieved when Fuu Ki puts some distance between himself and the Qin. Upon the death of Fuu Ki, he sends out a retreat signal to the entire force and pulls back the left Zhao army.

Back at the Zhao army HQ, he meets with the other generals and states that Fuu Ki's loss is greater than the destruction of the Qin's left army. He ponders how this affects the army before answering Shou Mou on Hou Ken's whereabouts. When Shou Mou mocks their commander-in-chief, he warns the Zhao general not to forget himself, mentioning that the army's morale is held firm by the might Hou Ken represents. Kou Son Ryuu asks him of the battle plans for the next day and he says that they will focus on destroying the Qin left the army and then hands over the remnants of the Fuu Ki Army to Ri Haku as the Zhao center. The goal of this is to keep Mou Bu occupied while they destroy the left Qin army but after Ri Haku loses to Mou Bu, he assigns Kou Son Ryuu to support the center. When that plan failed, he takes responsibility for it and informs the other generals that they will use the left Zhao army to attack Mou Bu from the rear the next time he charges their center army and gives Shou Mou the task of killing the Qin general.

On the fourth day, he worries about the timing of the attack against Mou Bu's charge and hopes the left army keeps to the time. As Mou Bu's army reaches the halfway mark, he is about to give the signal to strike when he sees, to his shock, the other Qin armies charging the Zhao headquarters. Surprised that Ou Ki has committed his entire army to an offense, he notes that the Qin commander-in-chief will suffer if his plan fails. Admitting his inability to counter Ou Ki's battle plans, Chou Sou orders the headquarters moved to the forest region behind them. In the night, he reflects on how difficult it is to keep track of friend and foe in the mountainous region and is disturbed when told that the bodyguard team has lost track of Hou Ken. Chou Sou meets up with Kou Son on the eastern high grounds, telling him that Man Goku went after Hou Ken and he is slightly relieved as none of the other armies are making any moves. As Ou Ki has yet to commit his own army, Chou Sou wonders how he can lure out the Qin great general from his hill headquarters.

Upon Hou Ken's return to camp, Chou Sou expresses his relief that he is unharmed and asks that he warn them next time of his departure. Hearing right after Shou Mou's death and Ou Ki's appearance, he ponders over the hidden plan to isolate the Qin general's army and gain victory for Zhao. Using Hou Ken as bait, he lures the armies of Mou Bu and Ryuu Koku into a trap, reducing their forces by half as his men throw large rocks at the Qin still in the narrow valley.  His forces surround Mou Bu's army and whittle down the Qin forces until Ou Ki's army appears before him. In response to Tou's cavalry charge and the Qin infantry's advance, Chou Sou orders the left Zhao army to assume defensive stances and is surprised when the infantry changes direction to attack the base camp instead. Sending the 2nd and 3rd divisions to attack the Qin infantry, he is shocked at the news that Ou Ki is leading a charge against them and orders the 1st division to be called back to defend the base camp. Seeing the Ou Ki’s hasty charge, Chou Sou wonders if he knows of their secret plan and the second Qin infantry charge confirms to him that Ou Ki does know of it. As the Zhao base camp retreats, Chou Sou wonders why Ou Ki accepted the duel with Hou Ken and advises his bodyguards as to the importance of their HQ's safety regarding the war. He notes that Ou Ki is aware of this and has sent a cavalry unit to target them, warning that they should not be taken lightly. Shocked that the Qin cavalry unit has broken past their third formation, Chou Sou and his bodyguards are trapped as they are surrounded by cliffs. He is relieved when Ri Boku's army arrives before he is killed by Tou.


Strength 65
Leadership 87
Intelligence 91
Experience B

Strength 65
Leadership 87
Intelligence 91
Experience B

Strength 65
Leadership 87
Intelligence 91
Special attack: Falling rock

Chou Sou was a talented and experienced military commander. He was entrusted by Ri Boku to carry out the secret plan to lure out and kill Ou Ki.


Chou Sou was a capable leader as his men like Sei Mei were angry about his death and demanded the corpse of Ou Ki as a retribution.

Tactical Abilities[]

Being a strategist, Chou Sou serves as the tactical brain of Hou Ken Army. He was able to use a trap of falling rocks to severely weaken Mou Bu Army.


The time for that living legend, Ou Ki, to sink into the Earth... The same Ou Ki who has caused the lands to endlessly quake in fear.

(Chapter 169, page 6)


Battle of Bayou Arc[]

Chou Sou without helmet.png
Chou Sou without a helmet
Chou Sou's Slain by Tou.png
Chou Sou's Slain by Tou
Chou Sou's Trap.png
Chou Sou's Trap
used on Mou Bu Army
Chou Sou Army.png
Chou Sou Army
Ou Ki Army
Chou Sou & his advisors.png
Chou Sou & his advisors


Episode 29 portrait.PNG
Chou Sou gazes upon the battlefield of Bayou.
Tou Charges Towards Chou Sou anime S1.PNG
Chou Sou's last moment as he was about to be slain by Tou.

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