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Chiyoyou is an city of Qin, that used to belong to Wei.


This city lies east of Qin and is located at the border between Wei.


This city is still under construction.


This city and region belonged to Wei. it was taken over by Qin in the Chiyoyou Campaign.


In order for Qin to conquer all of China, they need to stop Wei from sending troops to Han. Han is the weakest state and for Qin that city is the way to open up a path to conquer all the states. However Zhao and Wei would not let that happen if they would attack Han. Therefore Qin has to make Wei unable to send troops to Han. Chiyoyou was the way to set up an invasion force to invade Wei. However in order to destroy Wei, they had to weaken it first. Therefore they halted their advance and planned to make a fortress there that would take approximately a year to complete. Currently the Royal Harem are funding this city along with Sanyou.