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Six Great Generals

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Release Date February 21, 2008
Arc Assassination Plot Arc
Chapter 99
Volume 10
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Six Great Generals is the 99th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


After Mou Bu statement to revive the Six Great Generals of Qin system, everyone is shocked to hear that. Shin doesn't know what the Six Great Generals of Qin means. Heki states that three generations ago under king Sho there where six generals, but he was cut off by Mou Bu speech. Mou Bu states that in that time Qin was considered the most dangerous state in all of China. When Qin send outs its army, all of the other states would immediately lock down their gates. He explains that the six generals personally appointed by king Sho and were crammed into China together and would ravage the lands. Now without king Sho and the six general system, Qin has lost that level of military intimidation. By evidence with the last battle, other states are now targeting Qin borders. Mou Bu claims to be the strongest in all of China and apart of proving this, he has no interest in anything else. Sai Taku laughs this off as he claims that already in this room someone is stronger than you. He claims that Ou Ki also is stronger than him. Mou Bu states that he will show them a Qin military mightier than that time of king Sho. Ryo Fui says to Mou Bu that there is a limit on how much you can disrespect the king while disrespecting him himself by sitting down while you should be kneeling. Ryo Fui then states that he will revive that system and choose 6 people loyal to him to fulfill that role. Ryo Fui and his people then leave.


Characters Introduced[]


Chapter Notes[]

  • During King Sho's reign when Qin sent outs its army, all of the other states would immediately lock down their gates.
  • The six great generals where appointed personally by Sho.
  • Mou Bu claims to be the strongest in all of China.
  • Ou Ki is the only remaining member of the original six great generals of Qin that is currently alive.
  • Mou Bu asks the king for the title of great general.
  • Ryo Fui wants to revive the six great general system.



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