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Ryo's Faction

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Release Date January 31, 2008
Arc Assassination Plot Arc
Chapter 96
Volume 9
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Ryo's Faction is the 96th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


The chapters begins with Yuu Ren dealing the finishing blow to an exhausted Shou as she beheads her while mockingly telling her to "sleep". Claiming that she has nothing left to live for but to kill that women, Kyou Kai prepares to leave but Ka Ryo Ten asks her what is she finds the most painful - The fact that she was the victim to a set of flimsy laws? That Kyou Shou was murdered trough underhanded tactics? That Yuu Ren was not punished for her actions but even became the Shiyuu or is it that Kyou Kai wasn't able to be with her sister at the time she of her death. Kyou Kai then stops and thinks about it and states that is what she is scared of the most as well. Which is why she wanted to go to the battlefield. As it were, the state of Qin was currently controlled by a dictator whose strength was so overwhelming that he did not even consider Ei Sei to be a treat. At the palace Heki is talking to Shin and tells him that is was in fact Ryo Fui. Although Shin already guessed that. Shin then says now you will be able to execute him an take control over the state. Heki however states that this wont be that easy. Heki state that they don't have the power to oppose Ryo Fui faction. Heki mentions that this would be 10 against a army of ten thousands. Shin however states it isn't about the numbers, its about the people. Shou Bun Kun states to be able to realize that of only one battle that his skills aren't bad. However the quality of the people under Ryo Fui are also above the Ei Sei Faction. Then a messenger storms in the throne room, saying that Ryo Fui has arrived at the palace of Kanyou.


Characters Introduced[]

Chapter Notes[]

  • Almost the entire court is under Ryo Fui control.
  • The quality of the people under Ryo Fui are also above Ei Sei faction.
  • Ryo Fui arrived at the royal palace of Kanyou.



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