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The Past

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Release Date August 9, 2007
Arc Escape from Zhao Arc
Chapter 75
Volume 8
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The Past is the 75th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Ei Sei tells Kou his history and who Shi Ka really was, he once lived in the state of Zhao, a powerful enemy of Qin for centuries.

In 262 B.C, the states of Qin and Zhao clashed over the region of Joutou which formerly belonged to the state of Han. The conflict was fought at the location known as Chouhei and the Qin appointed Great General Haku Ki as their Commander-in-Chief while the Zhao armies were led by Great General Ren Pa. This great war would cause both states to bring their full military might to bear, but after two years of brutal combat, a conclusion had yet to be reached. Faced with this situation, the impatient Zhao king made the rash decision to have the distinguished Ren Pa replaced with Chou Katsu a young, hot headed Great General. The two yearlong stalemate was broken in a single swoop as the Qin ambushed the Zhao general as they saw trough his surprise attack. During this Chou Katsu saw an enemy general charging him and tried to kill them. However, the enemy general is reveled to be Ou Ki and the bored Great General quickly kills the brash Zhao general easily.  In the summer of June of 260 B.C., having lost their commander the Zhao forces capitulated to the Qin Army as over 400,000 Zhao soldiers surrendered. With his reasoning being that a lack of food and the danger of rebellion, the Qin Commander in Chief Haku Ki came to a most frightful decision on how to deal with these prisoners. He ordered that the entire 400,000 Zhao soldiers to be executed by burying them alive in mass graves. A few months later Ei Sei was born in Kantan, the royal capital of Zhao.

Nine years later in the capital, A man named Dou Ken is having a discussion with Kou Shou as he tries to buy the services of a merchant for smuggling a person. Dou Ken explains that Sho, the Qin king and ‘’War God of the Battlefields’’ has passed away and that his son Anko Kukun will ascend the throne with his own son, Sou Jou being the next crown prince. Kou Shou knows Sou Jou by name and states that he was held as a political hostage in Zhao for over a decade. Also, that Ryo Fui invested a lot of his fortune in Sou Jou during his time in Zhao and helped him escape seven years ago. It is being stated that the Qin prince had a wife and a child. However, they were left behind as they could not escape with him. The person they want to smuggle back to Qin is Ei Sei. Shi Ka wants to inspect Ei Sei before agreeing to smuggle him. Ei Sei however angered some people, and they want him death.



  • Haku Ki Army


  • Royal Palace
    • 8'th King of Zhao (mentioned)
  • Chou Katsu Army
    • Chou Katsu (flashback)
    • Unnamed members (flashback)
  • Ren Pa Army
  • Kantan City
    • Unnamed citizens (flashback)

Chapter Notes[]

  • A flashback of Ei Sei is shown about his past.
  • Zhao is located in central China.
  • 262 bc, the states of Qin and Zhao clashed swords over the region of Joutou.
  • Qin(Hakuki) and Zhao(Renpa) clashed at Chouhei.
  • The Zhao king replaced Renpa with Chou Katsu.
  • The two year stalemate came to a rapid conclusion because of Renpa replacement.
  • Ou Ki kills Chou Katsu.
  • Zhao 400.000 soldiers surrendered.
  • Hakuki got the 400.000 enemy soldiers buried alive.
  • Ei Sei was born int the royal capital of Zhao.
  • A person named douken is trying to buy the service of a merchant for smuggling Ei Sei to Qin.
  • King Sho died.
  • Ankokukun will ascend the throne of Qin.
  • Shiso will be the next crown prince.
  • Shiso by name and states that he was held hostage in Zhao for over a decade.
  • Ryo Fui invested a lot of his fortune in Shiso.
  • 7 years ago Ryo Fui helped Shiso escape Zhao.
  • Shiso has a Zhao wife and a child.
  • Shiso wife and child couldn't escape with him.
  • Shiso is Ei Sei father.
  • Shi Ka wants to inspect Ei Sei before agreeing to smuggle him.
  • Ei Sei angered some people and they want him death.
  • The people of Zhao now about Ei Sei history.


  • Shi Ka is officially introduced.
  • First appearance of Haku Ki, Chou Katsu, Kou Shou, A Mon, Dou Ken, Ten Ji and Tan Gen. Ten Ji and Tan Gen names are not revealed in this chapter.
  • Names of Ei Sei's father and grandfather are revealed.
  • General Ren Pa, who will become a significant figure in later chapters, is mentioned for the first time.
  • Although not identified by name, the "impatient Zhao king" mentioned in this chapter, is supposed to be the 8'th king, historically known as Xiao Cheng.


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