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According to Plan

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Release Date September 2, 2021
Arc Battle of Eikyuu Arc
Chapter 690
Volume 63
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According to Plan is the 690th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


After diving his sword into Gaku Haku's knee Shin catches his glaive and delivers a falling slash breaking his sword and slaying the general. Gaku Haku Kou asks if killing him gave him pleasure and Shin responds that it did. As he falls to the ground, Gaku Haku replies that it's good, but Shin disagrees. Hi Shin Army fight their way through Zhao troops, but they are attacked by the calavry from the rear forces. However, Kyou Kai Unit rushes to their rescue. Kyou Rei splits up to help the infantry while Kyou Kai leads the cavalry in Wedge Formation attack.

Meanwhile in Zhao's HQ the strategist Ki Shou receives the news of Gaku Haku's death and is shocked about it. He orderes his men not to spread the news, but is cut down moments later when A Ka Kin storms the HQ. As the battle progresses Qin successfully pushes their offensive and Gaku Haku Kou's head gets put on Den Yuu's glaive. Hi Shin Army successfully captures Eikyuu and everyone celebrates the success. Shin however admits that they wouldn't do it without Ou Hon making the plan and wearing the enemy down and Kyou Kai agrees. Ka Ryo Ten sends a message to Naki to track the retreating Gaku Haku forces just in case. Then she orders a flanking attack on Ko Chou's HQ.

The news of Eikyuu being taken also reaches Ko Chou who decides to send 5000 men from Ko Haku Army as a shield to prevent Hi Shin Army's attack. However, the narrator says that moving this army was a fatal mistake from Ko Chou and we see Kan Ki smile.




  • Ko Chou Army
    • Ko Chou
    • Ka Man (mentioned)
    • Unnamed officers
    • Unnamed messenger
      • Gaku Haku Army
        • Gaku Haku Kou (death)
        • Ki Shou (Gaku Haku Kou Army) (death)
        • Kyo Yo (death)
        • Unnamed officers
        • Senkyou Unit
          • Chou Kou (Senkyou Unit)
          • Unnamed others
      • Ko Haku Army


  • Five officers from Kyou Kai Unit are introduced and named.
  • The name of Gaku Haku Kou's strategist, Ki Shou, was finally revealed just one page before he was killed by A Ka Kin.


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