Be Ready


Release Date October 16, 2020
Arc War of the Three States Arc
Chapter 658
Volume 61
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Chapter 657
Chapter 659

Be Ready is the 658th chapter of the Kingdom manga.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Juuko was under siege by a Wei unit, using siege towers against the defenders.

Meanwhile in the main battle, Tou was pushing through when an arrow from Haku Rei aimed at Tou dodged, Kou Yoku has caught up behind Tou's men in an attempt to halt Tou. Ran Bi Haku was on their tail and intercepted Kou Yoku.

On Juuko Army HQ, Ju Ko Ou commands his forces to retreat towards the castle, as Man U was too focused on beating Mou Bu and allowed his forces to push through. Stating that Sen To Un and Gen U won't be able to take down Wei HQ without Man U.

On Mou Bu and Man U side, both are dueling fiercely. Supreme Commander of Chu mentioned about the burden Mou Bu carries has allowed him to obtain strength, if Mou Bu carries the 'Will of the deceased', his strength is eternal, but if the said person is alive, expect Mou Bu to be betrayed, after hearing this, Mou Bu knocked Man U off his horse.

Ju Ko Ou has miscalculated two major factors, one was the Strange behavior of Man U, and the other, Wei/Qin combined armies, Qin acting as offensive role, the overwhelming strength of Tou. Tou reached Ju Ko Ou

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