The Meaning of Liberation


Release Date October 9, 2020
Arc War of the Three States Arc
Chapter 657
Volume 60
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The Meaning of Liberation is the 657th chapter of the Kingdom manga.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Sen To Un army reached the final defense line of Wei HQ, but was halted by Ryuu Han's Golden Company. Later Go Hou Mei's HQ army, Ryuu Han's Golden company and Roku O Mi's army sandwiched Sen To Un forces.

Mou Bu was knocked down out of his horse, which surprised Mou Bu's men. Man U called himself weaker than Kan Mei, which confused Qin's men, encouraged him to ride on and resume the duel, intrigued with his burden and all. After some dueling, Man' U Honor Guard admitted  that Kan Mei and Man' U never clashed once, but  Man'U has had killed all generals of Chu that crossed their  path in the pasts. Man'  U used to be like Mou Bu carrying the Burden  but was liberated and hopes to do the same to Mou Bu.  Mou Bu in response, fought more  fiercely which surprised Man' U 

At Juuko Army HQ, Tou's army have reached to final defense line, while Ju Ko Ou's guards pleaded him to retreat to Juuko as the Tou Army was on their last line. Ju Ko Ou wondered when did Qin-Wei cooperate so well.  

Meanwhile in Juuko, the defenders were shocked when a Wei army starts besieging them.

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