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Surge of Cavalry

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Release Date April 19, 2007
Arc Keiyou Campaign Arc
Chapter 60
Volume 6
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Surge of Cavalry is the 60th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


The remnants are being told that they are now after the head of the enemy General Kyuu Gen and that the infantry needs to follow the Cavalry. The mounted unit are considerably faster than the infantry, so they need to sprint wit all their might if they don't want to die. The remnants are mortified that they now need to break trough tens of thousands of enemy soldiers with only a hundred men. They survived barley the War Chariots and they thought they are going to be saved, but now need to fight one more battle. They believe they are going to die. Then Shin tells them not necessary. Kyuu Gen is being notified of Qin Cavalry advance and their front line is struggling because of it. Kyuu Gen tells his men that there is no need to worry, they were only caught of guard with the sudden attack. A mere 1000 men is no match for a army of 40.000 men. Kyuu Gen calls then his War Chariots back. Kyuu Gen calls then his War Chariots back tells his men that those Cavalry greatest but final blade. At Qin HQ, Duke Hyou is being told that their Cavalry is overwhelming Wei infantry. Duke Hyou states its only a matter of time when Wei launches a counter attack with these numbers. After being informed that the enemy chariots switched their focus to the 4th army again, Duke Hyou orders the 1st and 2nd Cavalry to advance to the 4th battlefield. The remnants are fighting strong with the 4th army Cavalry against Wei. Heki then sees that Baku Koshin and his unit going far to deep. Heki refuses to let him going in alone and orders his unit to support Baku Koshin unit. The remnants of the 4th army that didn't join Baku Koshin are still building ramparts, when they suddenly see the 1st and 2nd army of Qin Cavalry. In order to reduce casualties, Shin has taken the lead of the remnants. Baku Koshin is getting further ahead the infantry, and the remnants are tiered and are about to trow up. Bi Hei suddenly gets attacked by a group of enemy soldiers. Kyou Kai saved him in the nick of time.




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