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Release Date April 5, 2007
Arc Keiyou Campaign Arc
Chapter 58
Volume 6
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Duel is the 58th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


After Shin taking down a War Chariots, he seed a horse survived. However an other group that split of are coming after them. Knowing that they don't have the time to build another Rampart and the Cavalry Unit of Qin isn't coming, Shin states you shouldn't expect to be saved in the first place. Everyone is chocked to see Shin managing to ride a horse. Shin even if we have no clue on how to fight these War Chariots, we need to fight anyway. Whining about it wont help. Shin orders them to build more barricades as he will keep the Wei chariots busy. Shin asks for the flag as he is on his way. Bi Hei is amazed to see that Shin so fearless and strong. At the 4th army Cavalry Unit, Heki is getting restless about not seeing anything and the attack command still not issued. Knowing that the Infantry is getting annihilated, he wants to go in and save them. Baku Koshin however tells him not to leave his post. Heki claims something must be wrong with the signaling system, Baku Koshin states that everything is according his General plans. Shin is trying to attack the War Chariots, but he has no luck. The difference between a horse footing and a chariot footing is simply to great. And the blades on the wheels make it difficult to approach. Kyou Kai seeing Shin struggle, gives Shin some hints on how to defeat it. Telling him not to get distracted over thinking many things and telling him to think back the chariot he defeated earlier. Finally telling him that he needs to attack the chariot itself as it is his opponent. Shin then gets an idea on how to deal with them. He uses his flag as a spear and pierce it in the chariots wheels. The chariot is tilting over.




  • Go Kei Army
    • Go Kei (mentioned)
      • Kyuu Gen Army
        • War Chariot Units
          • War chairots commander
          • Unnamed members

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