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War Chariot Unit

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Release Date March 22, 2007
Arc Keiyou Campaign Arc
Chapter 56
Volume 6
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War Chariot Unit is the 56th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Shin still in the chariot sees suddenly a huge cloud of dust. The rumble getting louder and the dust is getting closer very fast. All Wei soldiers have disappeared. The cloud of dust reached the 4th army and limits their vision. As Taku Kei squad is still trying to understand whats happening, Shin is running and shouting towards them. Shouting they need to run, however a chariot unit is already above them. Trampling the 4th army, Qin soldiers are trying to retreat as they are run over. Taku Kei also are about to be ridden over ass Shin push them away of the War Chariots. Taku Kei then tells them that Wei soldiers pride themselves of having the strongest war chariots in all of China. Shin struggles to find a solution to attack a war chariots. If you attack them head on, the horses will crush you. If you attack on the sides, their height advantage plays part. If you fail the blade on the wheels will pierce you. Someone shouts to aim for the horses and a squad tries to do that while Shin is shouting not to get in front of them. It is already to late, the war chariots overran them. The rumble stopped and they lost half their men. Taku Kei fears that this is not done yet. Their is a second wave coming, a larger one. The first wave was only for make way for the rest. At Qin HQ, the news of the deployment of the war chariots has reached them. Duke Hyou orders them to send the Cavalry Unit. He orders to tell them to hold their position. Heki asks if the order to charge has bin given. His lieutenant states the flag of holding position is raised. Taku Kei squad then hears a even louder rumbling then before. Knowing the second wave is coming. Shin is planning to hit them head on. Kyou Kai stops him as he states that he has a plan.



Chapter Notes[]

  • Wei launched a chariot unit.
  • Wei soldiers are disappearing.
  • The 4th army are being run over.
  • The Wei soldier pride themselves at having the strongest armored war chariots in China.
  • The Units are cut in half.
  • Duke Hyou sends in the Cavalry Unit.
  • Second wave of War chariots is coming.


  • Haku Ki Sai is identified by the name for the first time.


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