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Five Bodies as One

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Release Date March 8, 2007
Arc Keiyou Campaign Arc
Chapter 54
Volume 6
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Five Bodies As One is the 54th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


As the 4th army is about to be sent as reinforcements for the 2nd army, the 4th army infantry sees more of the gruel's in battle as more people are dying. Some people are vomiting seeing heads flying and blood dropping. Kyuu Gen lieutenant notice his master that Qin is starting their formation. Kyuu Gen claims Duke Hyou to be a fool to sent reinforcements so soon as we have already captured the hills. Kyuu Gen then sends in the 2nd battalion to finish the Qin soldiers of. Taku Kei tells his unit the mot people of the first rank die in the first charge. Taku Kei claims if they survive the first charge and it comes to melee, they have a change because of his experience. Also he states even as he is called the weakest, nobody in his squad has died. He tells them by staying within 10 meters of each other, standing back to back and covering each other weakness, they can live. We attack together and defend together. Then the signal for attack is given. Shin is happy being in the front lines as he feels to be in charge of this unit. Then the commanders tells them to prepare to attack. Shin tells to himself that will do it to his lost friend Hyou. Their commander orders to charge. The Wei soldiers however are using shields and spears. If they attack head on the first line will die of being pushed into the spears. Shin, not planning to die in the initial charge, charges in all by himself. Shin then jumps over the first row of Wei soldiers. Seemingly chocking the Wei commander by this. Shin manages with his skill and swordplay to open a gap for the Qin infantry to get in relatively unharmed.




  • Go Kei Army
    • Kyuu Gen Army
      • Kyuu Gen
      • Unnamed lieutenant
      • Unnamed officers
        • 2nd battalion
          • Unnamed infantry commander
          • Unnamed soldiers

Chapter Notes[]

  • Kyuu Gen claims Duke Hyou to be a fool.
  • Kyuu Gen sends in a 2nd battalion.
  • Most infantry soldiers of the first rank die in the first charge.
  • As to date nobody in Taku Kei squad has died under him.
  • The signal for the 4th army to advance is given.
  • Wei soldiers are using shields and spears.
  • Shin charges in to the Wei soldiers alone.
  • Shin manages to open a gap in the Wei soldiers defense.


  • Kyuu Gen is introduced.


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