The Wei Army

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Release Date March 26, 2013
Arc Keiyou Campaign Arc
Chapter 50
Volume 5
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The Wei Army is the 50th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.

Summary[edit | edit source]

With the units formed for the war, Shin unit starts to introduce themselves. Shin as usual states his dreams and aims to get at least promoted to 100-man Commander. However the fifth member refuses to tell his name. Telling them he is a mute. Then he introduces himself to be Kyou Kai. The next day Qin army is marching to their destination. Its a perfect, shiny weather. Suddenly Shin sees Kyou Kai sword as it is defiantly not a commoner sword. Claiming she must have stole it. Bi Hei then sees Shin swords as it defiantly not a commoner sword either. Shin then tells them he got it from the king of Qin, but nobody believes this story. Then Shin part of the army comes in contact with Qin 4th army. Taku Kei then explains that their are usually 6 part of a army. Shin then starts acting as a commander, giving orders, but as usually everyone ignores him. Taku Kei then tells his squad he heard some bad news. The army is ordered to head to Gan Castle. Taku Kei then explains the lord of that castle is Koku Gou and he is named the "star-eyed black dragon". Also he states that he also recently bin promoted to general. Then suddenly Koku Gou is seeing being killed by a unknown man.

Characters[edit | edit source]

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Chapter Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Shin aims to be promoted to at least a 100-man Commander.
  • Kyou Kai sword is not a commoner sword.
  • Qin army is comprised in 6 parts.
  • Koku Gou is called "star-eyed black dragon".
  • Koku Gou is promoted to general.
  • Koku Gou was killed by a unknown person.

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