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Release Date February 1, 2007
Arc Keiyou Campaign Arc
Chapter 49
Volume 5
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Go is the 49th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


As the conflict at the borders from Qin and Wei are intensifying, Qin want to conquer the city of Keiyou at the borders of Wei. Both states are raising their armies. Wei raised three armies from behind Keiyou, the cities: Shiyou castle, Shi and Kyou, While Qin is recruiting across the state. For the largest battle this year and Shin first campaign, both armies numbers above 150.000 men strong. Shin meets some people that are also planning to join the infantry. Meanwhile at the Kanyou the royal capital of Qin, Ei Sei is on the balcony as Shou Bun Kun came to see him. Ei Sei explains that Wei blocked Qin path to the east for generations as he is praising them as formidable opponents. Shou Bun Kun explains that they are among the strongest of using chariots in warfare. Heki departed like Shin to the battlefield. Shin and his college new infantry soldiers are asked to make Go's. As Shin dons't know what go's mean, Den Yuu explains it for him. Den Yuu and Chu Tetsu are regarded as very strong as they are sought after to join their Go's. Also this is strengthened by the fact that people are willing to pay a lot for them joining them. Because nobody knows Shin and the fact he is still a kid, nobody wants him. Some people around Shin are chosen to group with them, that is if they are willing to leave Shin behind. It took only a second and they left Shin. Shin figures as nobody wants him, he will wait for the people who remain. Suddenly somebody joins him, but ignores Shin. Which annoys him. However the 2 people around Shin from before are left out as somebody stronger came along. Then everyone starts laughing as Taku Kei, a squad leader has no members that want to join them and searches for the people that haven't made a squad yet.




Chapter Notes[]

  • The conflict at the borders of Qin and Wei are intensifying.
  • Qin wants to conquer the city Keiyou as it is an entrance point to the state of Wei.
  • Wei raised three armies from behind Keiyou, the cities: Shiyou castle, Shi and Kyou.
  • Qin is recruiting across the state.
  • Both armies are above 150.000 men strong.
  • The state of Wei blocked Qin path to the east for generations.
  • Wei chariots are among the strongest of China.
  • The new soldiers are asked to make Go's.


  • First appearance of Bi Hei, Bi Tou, Den Yuu, Chu Tetsu, Taku Kei and Kyou Kai from Clan Shiyuu. Kyou Kai's name, gender and affiliation, are not revealed in this chapter.
  • This chapter confirmed, that Chief of Jouto Village and most likely his family, survived their encounter with Jo Kan in Chapter 2.
  • This is the third chapter cover to feature Shin wearing armor.


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