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Release Date January 25, 2007
Arc Keiyou Campaign Arc
Chapter 48
Volume 5
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Recruitment is the 48th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


After the war against Sei Kyou 3 months later, Shin is at The Kei village granary. Located east of the royal capital Kanyou. He is trying to make a new record on carrying the most goods. Meanwhile at Shin new home, Ka Ryo Ten is prepared dinner. While Shin is burping around, annoying Ka Ryo Ten, she talks about their money situation. Shin is doing some jobs to bring money in, while Ka Ryo Ten is foraging some vegetables. After the dinner, Shin is training outside. The next day some people are gathering around a message board. Because Ka Ryo Ten claims Shin can't read, she gives him the short version. The state of Qin is planing to attack the state of Wei and therefor they are recruiting people for infantry. Shin is all fired up for his first Campaign.




Chapter Notes[]

  • We are 3 months later.
  • Shin is doing some jobs to get some money.
  • Ka Ryo Ten is foraging some vegetables.
  • Shin received some money for participating in the battle against Sei Kyou.
  • Shin is healed from the injuries for Sa Ji.
  • its hinted that Shin can't read.
  • Ka Ryo Ten can read.
  • Shin is fired up for his fist campaign.


  • Duke Hyou and Gaku Ga are shown for the first time. Their names are not revealed in this chapter.
  • The enemy forces engaged by Duke Hyou Army on the two-page spread are members of Go Kei Army from state of Wei. Among them a pair of officer hunters: Shu Ki and Ma Ki can be spotted, although only their backs are shown.


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