The Monsters Set Off

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Release Date August 26, 2015
Arc Koku You Campaign Arc
Chapter 443
Volume 41
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The Monsters Set Off is the 443rd chapter of the Kingdom manga.

Summary[edit | edit source]

- Bi Hei and the higher ranking Hi Shin Unit members returns to Hi Shin Unit’s camp area as the rest of Hi Shin Unit asks them about Kanki.

-Suddenly, someone from the Kan Ki Army main camp arrived and asks for a talk with Hi Shin Unit. He passed on Kanki’s message to Shin that Hi Shin Unit will have to swap some of his men with Kan Ki’s. According to that new guy, he explains that the exchange is for both armies to understand each other deeper and since Kanki’s strategies changes frequently, there is a need for someone within Hi Shin Unit to help understand and adapt to the change.

-While Shin and co. are thinking who they should send to Kanki for the exchange, the guy from Kanki’s camp said that Bihei had already volunteered and already went over to Kanki’s camp last night.

-With that, the Qin army of 58000 sets off.

-Meanwhile in the City of Rigan, 80km away from the battlefield of Koku You Hill, the Zhao general, Ki Sui makes his appearance as the lord of the city. He seems to be a nice guy and comforts his citizens who are afraid of Kanki’s brutalities. His citizens are even willing to sacrifice themselves to protect him.

-As they were talking Kei Sha arrives at the city. According to the citizens, Keisha is closest to securing the last seat of the Three Great Heavens.

-Upon meeting Kisui, Keisha seems to understand that Kisui is similar to himself as they both give off the same “smell”. He then understands why Ri Boku wants him to join Kisui in the battle.

-With that, the Zhao army of 70000 sets off into battle.

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