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My Son

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Release Date October 4, 2012
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 315
Volume 29
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My Son is the 315th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


At the Coalition Army HQ, Ri Boku and Shun Shin Kun hear abnormal cheering. Shin hears the cheering on the other side of the battlefield, and assumes that something big happened and its the Qin soldiers cheering. After Mou Bu kills Kan Mei, Mou Ten is very injured and soldiers are surrounding him. The soldiers ask Mou Bu to say his last words to Mou Ten, because it looks like he will die soon. Mou Bu does not say anything to him and believes that Mou Ten will not die because he is his son. Right afterwards, despite his injuries in the duel with Kan Mei, Mou Bu ferociously charges at the rest of the Chu Army, and is able to push back and destroy the Kan Mei's army centre. Mou Bu continued to attack the Kan Mei's left and right armies, but his vassals that were in charge, Beiman and Goumasho order a retreat before they loose any soldiers.

On the 15th day, Mou Bu completely annihilates the Chu Army and pushes them back, making that battlefield his victory. These news reach both Kanyou and the Coalition Army HQ.







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