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Deciding the Strongest

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Release Date September 27, 2012
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 314
Volume 29
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Deciding the Strongest is the 314th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Ka En moves through the Qin and Chu army, aiming to assassinate general Mou Bu. Mou Ten sees through Ka Rin's plan and moves to intercept Ka En, in an attempt to protect his father.

The two generals keep striking each other, until Kan Mei's mace breaks apart. As Kan Mei reaches for his sword, Ka En is right behind Mou Bu but, before he manages to stab him with his spear, Mou Ten interferes and stabs Ka En in the shoulder. The Chu commander, frustrated, pushes Mou Ten aside while wounding him too, throwing him right onto Mou Bu's horse and interrupting the duel.

Kan Mei sees this move of Mou Ten's as an insult and strikes the young commander with his sword, wounding him gravely across the chest.

Mou Bu, seeing his son getting hit right in front of his eyes, snaps and uses all his strength against Kan Mei. Mou Bu's strike breaks his opponent's sword and crushes half his face. With the next swing, Mou Bu smashes Kan Mei's head and finishes him off winning the duel.

Kanmei's death.PNG
Kan Mei’s death







  • Mou Ten stops Ka En from assassinating Mou Bu.
  • Mou Ten is heavely wounded by Kan Mei.
  • Kan Mei is killed by Mou Bu.


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