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General's Pride

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Release Date June 28, 2012
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 303
Volume 28
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General's Pride is the 303rd chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Chou Tou's army is very close to the Han commander, Sei Kai. Sei Kai's elite guard unit sets to confront the invaders. Chou Tou, worn down by the effect of the poison, reveals his desire to leave his last breath on the battlefield and makes for a last push. Sei Kai, fearing for his life, decides to retreat and shows his back to his enemy. It is at that point that General Chou Tou reaches him and delivers a fatal strike from behind, killing the Han commander much to everyone's surprise. Kan Ki arrives at the scene, only to see the veteran general leave his last breath.




  • Sei Kai Army
    • Sei Kai
    • Unnamed officers
      • Poison Weapon Corps
        • Unnamed members of Black Arrow Unit
        • Unnamed others
    • Unnamed soldiers


  • Sei Kai is slain by Chou Tou.
  • Chou Tou die due to poison.


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