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Officers Quality

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Release Date December 22, 2011
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 280
Volume 26
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Officers Quality is the 280th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


After the surprising death of Rin Bou, Roku O Mi manages to avoid Haku Rei's arrow and understands that it was not a lucky shot but that an incredible archer is in the area. Rin Bu Kun orders Haku Rei not to interfere in his duel, which he refuses because his death would rout Chu's 1st army and make his older sister a widow.

Mou Ten manages to locate Haku Rei, he divides his unit in two, one will go to the enemy HQ, the other will follow him to kill this threatening archer.

At Tou's army HQ, Ryuu Koku is concerned that even though Roku O Mi and Rin Bou have managed to reach the enemy HQ, their soldiers are very quiet even though they are supposed to be on the attack. Tou finds this slightly worrying, as Chu's army is not weak enough to be crushed by Roku O Mi by himself. Quality over quantity will be needed to hope to defeat Chu, the quality of their officers and commanders.

Mou Ten manages to reach Haku Rei and is about to kill him. At the last moment Kou Yoku intervenes and manages to disarm Mou Ten. As Kou Yoku rushes towards him to finish him off, Ou Hon appears and repels him.


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