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Signs of a Storm

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Release Date July 21, 2011
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 261
Volume 24
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Signs of a Storm is the 261st chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Shin is guarding the eastern front line base of Qin, at the city of Toukin, along with Mou Ten. Shin asks Mou Ten if he believes in Shin's thought that Ri Boku is forming an alliance with an enemy state, because there has been no movement from the states roughly 1 month after Shin's meeting with Ri Boku, despite the latter hinting at an alliance.

Mou Ten says that he believes Shin, and while little, there are signs that show that a big storm is brewing. However, Mou Ten tells Shin to relax and celebrate and drink some booze, because Ou Hon has been promoted to a 2000 man-commander. This causes Shin to be very nervous and jealous, but Mou Ten says that it was a joke, and the main reason why they are celebrating is that Kou, the lover of the king, has become pregnant with his child. This causes a great wave of celebration, and the close friends of Sei and Kou cannot believe what they are hearing.

Shortly after hearing the news, Shin is informed by a messenger that there are enemy troops outside of Qin, and that the Hi Shin Unit should stop them. However, upon arriving at the location, Shin finds out that there was a mistake, as the 'enemy troops' were in fact Roku O Mi and Kan Ou's troops, the vassals of Ou Ki. Whilst talking, the three of them all agree that something is brewing, and that it was very important that Shin saw Ri Boku.

Two days later, the state of Chu launches an attack on Qin in the 6th year of Sei's reign (241 BC)






  • Kou reveals she is pregnant with Ei Sei's baby.
  • A another palace girl had conceived a child from Ei Sei even earlier than Kou.
  • Shin and Mou Ten meet the remnants of Ou Ki's army Roku O Mi and Kan Ou, who both sense a storm greater than Bayou is coming.
  • Days later Chu starts an attack on Fort Nanko.
  • Bonus Chapter 21 was added.


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