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Release Date Febuary 24, 2013
Arc Sei Kyou's Rebellion Arc
Chapter 20
Volume 3
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Yotanwa is the 20th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.

Summary[edit | edit source]

After being captured Shin, Heki and Ten are locked in a cave behind bars. Frustrated they make attempts to escape however they are quickly stopped by the warrior guarding their cell. The warrior guarding them was the same one that Shin had fought earlier. The warrior points to a pile of bones to discourage Shin and Ten attempting to escape by showing what the mountain people do with their prisoners if they don't behave. As night sets in Heki is still surprised by the intelligence of the mountain people, he fears that the people of Qin have underestimated the mountain people for far too long. Heki is reminded of the Quanrong. Shin and Ten know nothing of the name so Heki explains to them how the Zhou Dynasty of 520 years ago had fallen to a savage mountain tribe.

Suddenly Shin and company find themselves surrounded by a group of mountain warriors wielding crude spears, the warriors move toward the cage and begin thrusting their spears inside pinning Shin and company to the back wall. Out of reach another warrior notches an arrow to his bow and draws it back, his aim directed at Shin. The warriors call for him to shoot. Just as he releases the warrior guarding their cell returns and causes the shot to miss Shin by slamming his giant weapon into the group. The warrior beats back the attackers. Shin asks why, the guard begins speaking in mountain language. Out of the darkness the captain who led the group who captured them appears and translates telling them Tajifu has been ordered by the king to protect them and that not all mountain people are in complete unity. He tells them Tajifu respects Shin for breaking his mask and that he is disappointed that they will likely be executed with Ei Sei the next day.

Elsewhere Ei Sei is escorted into a structure resembling a palace. There he is brought before the mountain king. Ei Sei bows introducing himself as the 31st king of Qin. The mountain king, surrounded by wolves responds and announces the name Yo Tan Wa.

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Chapter Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Shin, Heki and Ten are locked up in the kingdom of the mountain tribe.
  • the cell bars are made of very tough wood.
  • background information about the Zhou dynasty, and the Quanrong(a mountain tribe) are shown.
  • Shin and accompany are attacked by a group of mountain people, but are protected by one(the one Shin fought earlier).
  • The mountain people call the people of Qin plain dwellers.
  • the mountain people aren't in complete unity with each other.
  • Ei Sei is brought before the mountain king.

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