Chancellor Lü

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Release Date May 18, 2012
Arc Sei Kyou's Rebellion Arc
Chapter 15
Volume 2
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Chancellor Lü is the 15th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Ten notices Muta's blow dart pipe on the ground and picks it up thinking it is the perfect weapon to use. With no ammunition though the weapon would be useless, Ten walks over to Muta's body to see if he has any poison darts on him. Ten discovers Muta isn't dead, he can't move however and continues to breathe his last breaths. Muta gives Ten tranquillizer darts and a warning, run away and stop travelling with Ei Sei revealing that king has no allies and will eventually die. Ten reminds him that Ei Sei has the support of prime minister Ryo Fui. Muta tells Ten they are deadly mistaken, and that Ryo Fui isn't their ally. Ei Sei holds a strategic meeting, Heki explains to Shin that Ryo Fui and his army are currently attacking the north-west of Wei and that he will have to come back with his 200,000 man army soon.

In the state of Wei a soldier informs Ryo Fui that a messenger from Ei Sei has come. Ryo Fui gives orders that the messenger be captured and executed.

Ten enters the meeting, asking Sei and Shou Bun Kun if it's true that Ryo Fui is on the side of Sei Kyou, Ei Sei reveals that Ryo Fui has been waiting for this to happen, Ei Sei suspects Ryo Fui of wanting to become the king also. He expects Ketsu Shi Ryo Fui will battle for the capital, Ei Sei agrees it will be very hard to find allies, so that they all must prepare for a fight to the death very soon, because he needs to return to the capital to prevent all out war in Qin. Shin notices Ten is carrying Muta's blowpipe, he wants it. Heki asks who Ten is, Ten mentions the mountain people and moments later Shou Bun Kun explains that he's found a way to get allies.

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Chapter Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Prime Minister Lu, is actually Ryo Fui.
  • Ka Ryo Ten found Muta blow pipe and took it.
  • Muta still lives although mortally wounded.
  • Muta gave Ka Ryo Ten some advice.
  • Ryo Fui has an army of 200k people.
  • Ryo Fui is stationed at Shao liang in Wei territory.
  • Ryo Fui took over Shao liang.
  • Ryo Fui executed the messenger of Kanyou .
  • Ryo Fui doesn't want to return in order to protect the king.
  • Ei Sei wants to reclaim his throne before the war starts.

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