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Release Date June 5, 2008
Arc Battle of Bayou Arc
Chapter 113
Volume 11
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Bayou is the 113th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Now Shin is finally there, he starts appointing squad leaders. Naming in order from squad one to twenty Hai Rou, Kyou Ji, San Ka, Batsu Ken, Suu Gen, Den Ei, Yuu Gi, Ro En, Bun Ketsu, Shou Sa, Taku Kei, Bi Hei, Bi Tou, Den Yuu, Chu Tetsu, Ryuu Sen, Kyo Gai, Ryuu Yuu, Hou and Seki. Shin notifies his unit that the unit is independent and therefor doesn't belong to any division. They answer only to General Ou Ki himself. He then tells them that he doesn't know what an independent unit does, but he knows that by Ou Ki classifying Shin unit as different that they will see different battles, harsher battles but also more rewards. Everyone is chocked to see that Shin managed to raise moral so easily. Shin is allowed to appoint two lieutenants. He states that En is one of them and the other one isn't here yet. At Kanyou Ou Ki has a talk with Shou Bun Kun about the war tomorrow. He also asks why he accepted Shou Hei Kun summon. When Shou Bun Kun and Ou Ki were both a 100-man Commander, but Ou Ki overshot Shou Bun Kun. He also tells Shou Bun Kun that he was saved by him several times. Ou Ki states that the reason for the sudden change in heart was Bayou. Ou Ki, Kyou and Shou Bun Kun, all three of them conquered Bayou and there the place were Kyou was fallen in battle. It is hinted that Ou Ki had dealings with Hou ken and believe he died there. At the battlefield, Kyou Kai suddenly arrives.


Characters introduced[]

Chapter Notes[]

  • Shin appoints the squad leaders.
  • Shin is an independent unit.
  • Shin is allowed to appoint two lieutenants.
  • En is one of the lieutenants.
  • A flashback of Ou Ki and Shou Bun Kun us shown.
  • Shou Bun Kun and Ou Ki were independent units in king Sho time.
  • Ou Ki, Kyou and Shou Bun Kun conquered Bayou.
  • Kyou died at Bayou.



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