Naked Socialising

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Release Date 05/17/2013
Arc Training Arc
Chapter 105
Volume 10
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Naked Socialising is the 105th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Now arrived at Ou Ki castle, he sees the giant gate and walls that surround the castle. Shin asks himself why nobody has opened the gate yet. En still scared of Ou Ki tells him that they must be out of town. Shin is knocking on the gate very loud and after a while the gate opens. He is chocked to see how huge the lieutenant of Ou Ki, Tou is. However Tou doesn't notice them and closes the gate again. Shin stunned of being ignored is knocking on the gate again. Then they suddenly see Ou Ki and his army behind them. Tou opens the gate again and one of Ou Ki people asks their lord on how the practice went. As he then responds the average. Shin and En are then chocked and asks themselves what kind of training did they do in order to get these wounds. Ou Ki then invited Shin and En into his castle. Shin is sightseeing and is thinking of the future as he then may have a castle of his own. Ou Ki and his army, including Shin and En are in the bathhouse and Ou Ki has a talk with Shin. He asks Shin on why he came here and to make it quick as the will start their second part of their training soon. Shin then asks him to teach him on how to become stronger. Ou Ki is laughing and makes a joke as he then asks why the sudden change. Shin tells him their last meeting on the hill in the last war he didn't understand what he meant. It is only a few days ago, when he got handed back to him by a squad mate, that he finally realized that he was far more immature that he had believed. This isn't something he will be to make up for by just swinging his sword in the air and doing labor. Ou Ki comments him on his progress. On of Ou Ki soldiers tells him to get lost and ask Shou Bun Kun to train him. Shin tells him that Shou Bun Kun isn't good enough as he want to receive training of a great general of the heavens. Shin tells Ou Ki that there is a benefit in training him as he will soon be strong enough to be his right hand. Ou Ki then agrees to train him.

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Chapter Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Ou Ki and his army where on training.
  • Ou Ki invites Shin and En in his castle.
  • Shin asks Ou Ki to teach him on how to become stronger.
  • Ou Ki agrees to train Shin.

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