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Release Date March 19, 2008
Arc Training Arc
Chapter 103
Volume 10
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Strategist is the 103rd chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


After Ka Ryo Ten thinks she is in Ryo Fui's HQ and she is searching for a way to escape. The officials think that she is from the Clan Shiyuu. But Shou Hei Kun, Sai Taku and Mou Ki know she is not. The messengers says she is send as a substitute and is giving a letter of recommendation. The letter of recommendation is more of a treat letter than anything else. Train her to be a strategist and if anything happens to her she will kill everyone. The officials wants her out, but the leaders wants to train her. Ka Ryo Ten believes they don't know she is part of Ei Sei Faction and thinks on how she can prevent them of knowing that. Mou Ki shows her room and asks if she is here to act as a spy for Ei Sei. Ka Ryo Ten knowing she is exposed and tries for a way out. Mou Ki tells her that her blow pipe will be of no use. Ka Ryo Ten is scared and Mou Ki then calms her by saying sorry for testing you like that. Mou Ki knows that Ka Ryo Ten must be feeling that she is in enemy territory. She assures her that she is not as this pace is not part of Ryo Faction. Also that only her and her master knows of her identity. Mou Ki tells her that across the state only 1 out of hundred applicants is accepted to study here. Ka Ryo Ten is then chocked that Mou Ki knows that she is a girl. Sai Taku asks Shou Hei Kun on why he accepted her. he tells him about the events of Sei Kyou's rebellion. He then tells that he obtained quite a good piece as she is aware of the state affairs of the enemy camp. Shou Hei Kun then tells his more interested in one other person. The peson who saved the king numerous times and has shown remarkable results during the last war he was promoted to 100-man Commander.


Chapter Notes[]

  • Kyou Kai gives Ten's messengers letter of recommendation.
  • Ka Ryo Ten is accepted to begin the training.
  • Shou Hei Kun, Sai Taku and Mou Ki know that Ka Ryo Ten is allied with the Ei Sei faction.
  • The acceptance rate of applicants as strategist is only 1 in 100.
  • Mou Ki knows Ka Ryo Ten is a girl.
  • Shou Hei Kun is very interested in Shin.



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