It's All Up To Me

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Release Date 05/12/2013
Arc Training Arc
Chapter 102
Volume 10
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It's All Up To Me is the 102nd chapter of the Kingdom Manga.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Shin comes back home and sees that Ka Ryo Ten isn't there. Also he still doesn't know that Ka Ryo Ten is a girl. Shin then senses someone outside and draws his sword. He then sees Kyou Kai and asks what she is doing here. She then tells she has a message for him, that she is going away for a while. She then tells this is a message from Ka Ryo Ten. She tells she is set out to begin training as a strategist. Shin asks her to come in and explain everything that has happened and to ask her some questions. Ka Ryo Ten is a cart and is not allowed to see where she is going. Kyou Kai looks around and sees some food prepared by Ka Ryo Ten. Ka Ryo Ten is brought to a place comparable in size of the royal palace. She is asked to wait outside as they have to report here to their lord. She is curious and is listing behind the door and hears a conversation. She hears that the people inside are considering taking Shou Bun Kun life. Ka Ryo Ten is then allowed inside. She then is shocked to see the Ryo Faction inside.

Characters[edit | edit source]

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Chapter Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Kyou Kai and Shin have a long talk.
  • Ka Ryo Ten started here training for strategist.
  • people inside the strategist training room are considering taking Shou Bun Kun life.

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