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Chancellor is an important position in the royal court. There are three known ranks that have the title of Chancellor: Chancellor of the Left, Chancellor of the Right and Chancellor of the State.

Chancellor of the State[]

Chancellor of the State could be considered the highest rank possible in Qin's royal court and the equivalent of Prime Minister in other states. The only known title above it would be fully accepted King.[1] For years this seat remained empty until Ryo Fui claimed it in 242 B.C. However, in 238 B.C. he was stripped of his position due to treason and the seat became once again empty.

Known Chancellors[]


Ryo Fui portrait.png
Ryo Fui
Chancellor of the Right (251-243 B.C.)
Chancellor of State (242-238 B.C.)
Rank removed for Treason
Ketsu shi portrait.png
Ketsu Shi
Chancellor of the Left
Slain by Ba Jio & Shunmen
Shou Bun Kun portrait.PNG
Shou Bun Kun
Chancellor of the Left
Shou Hei Kun chancellor of the left.PNG
Shou Hei Kun
Chancellor of the Right
Sai Taku portrait.PNG
Sai Taku
Chancellor during King Sho's reign
No image.PNG
Shou Ou
Patriarch of Legalism
No image.PNG
Han Sho
Chancellor during King Sho's reign




Kou Shou.png
Kou Shou



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