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Hierarchical Information
Rank Cavalry
Troops N/A
Division(s) N/A
5-Man Squad Leader


Calvary units are units comprised of people mounted on horses, also called horsemen.


Since armies started using cavalry for warfare, the entire battlefield has changed completely. King Burei of Zhao was the first to start using cavalry around 80 years before the start of the series. When he assembled the first cavalry army, they shattered the presumption that horses were only good for pulling carts. The Zhao army holds the best cavalry of all the states to their advantage.


The only people normally allowed to ride horses are either nobles or professional soldiers in the army. Militia members and peasants will have to work their way up from foot soldiers until they are recognized as professional soldiers.

Heavy Cavalry

Heavy Cavalry doesn't excel in mobility, but rather in impact force.

Type of Cavalry

  • Standard Cavalry
  • Heavy Cavalry
  • Mounted Archers


  • One horseman is capable of defeating an entire infantry squad.
  • Have a far greater speed than infantry units.
  • Because they don't need energy to walk, they can use that energy to slay enemies.


  • When forced into tightly packed quarters instead of given space, cavalry cannot utilize their full strength.
  • A considerable amount of training is needed to ride and fight on horseback effectively, therefore, any horsemen and horses killed is a considerate loss in experience and material.
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