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Bureaucrats Job Arc


Media Information
Starting Date August 25, 2016
Ending Date November 2, 2016
Chapters 486-495
Number of Chapter 10
Koku You Campaign Arc
Western Zhao Invasion Arc

Bureaucrats Job Arc is the 17 the story arc of the Kingdom manga.


On the 10th year of reign, 237 BC:
Sai Taku arranges a meeting between the king of Qi, Ou Ken and the king of Qin, Ei Sei. However, he had to pay a golden tribute and agree to bring the prime minister Ri Boku with him, in exchange for a safe-conduct through the lands of Zhao. Ou Ken heard from Sai Taku that he wants a world without wars but thinks that it is just a utopia.

He wants to know how Ei Sei intends to save the people who lost their homeland. Ei Sei answers him that he will succeed by putting the law above everything. A world where being a citizen of Qi or Qin will not matter. A world where royalty, nobility or common peasantry will mean nothing. It doesn't matter if it means that it won't be a kingdom anymore. Ou Ken understands that it is a vision that will save his people from suffering and perhaps end this era of war. He agrees to form an informal alliance Qi-Qin but if one day Ei Sei changes, he will use all his power to oppose him.

After this meeting, Sai Taku dies peacefully next to Ou Ken.

Ei Sei receives Ri Boku in the throne room and asks him the reason of his coming. He came to ask him to put an end to his dream of unification which will only cause a huge tragedy because of all the bloodshed and lives lost. He proposes to him to renounce the swords and to choose diplomacy, by forming an alliance between the seven states. They will have to swear not to attack another state and if one of them breaks this rule, it will be wiped out by the other six.

Ei Sei refuses because this peace will only be temporary, one state will eventually become prosperous and its king or vassals will break the alliance. This has happened all too often in history.

Ri Boku declares that it will be a war of endurance for Qin and that he will resist with all his strength in order to weaken them. He is prepared to lose many of his troops in order to save China from the slaughter that Qin is planning to perpetrate if they succeed in unification. Once back in Zhao, he concentrated on strengthening its military, and on Qin's side they distributed treasure funds to improve the state forces.

The Hi Shin Unit organizes a recruitment of 1,000 soldiers but the candidates exceed by far the open places. Ka Ryo Ten has chosen to recruit soldiers with the highest stamina, because this is what is missing the most in order to improve the defensive qualities of the unit. She is also looking for special talents, which she will find with the exceptional archers Sou Jin and Sou Tan who will be accepted despite their failures in the stamina tests.

It is learned that Sai Taku was given a state funeral in honor of all his accomplishments, including the recent alliance with Yan. Ri Shi, the keeper of legalism, is released so that he can realize Ei Sei's vision of creating a new government that will be overseen entirely by the law. He warns them that the Confucianism of the central plains (Wei, Zhao and Han) will be the most opposed to legalism.

Shou Hei Kun informs Ei Sei that the defenses being put up by Ri Boku will make the conquest of eastern Zhao 10 years long, making it impossible to unify in 15 years as planned. Ri Boku intends to drag out the war in western Zhao as long as possible in order to exhaust Qin's resources. Even after conquering the west of Zhao in 10 years, it will take a few more years to bring down Kantan.

Therefore, Shou Hei Kun proposes an unorthodox and highly risky method. Make the western Zhao campaign a feint and attack the second largest city of Zhao, Gyou, which is south of Kantan. He predicted that with Gyou conquered, they would be able to take Kantan and destroy Zhao within three years.

Characters Introduced[]


Sou Jin portrait.PNG
Sou Jin
New recruit of the Hi Shin Unit.
Sou Tan portrait.PNG
Sou Tan
New recruit of the Hi Shin Unit.
Sou Gen portrait.PNG
Sou Gen
father of Jin and Tan
leader of the Sou Kyuu Unit
Member of the Ten Bows of China
Kan To portrait.PNG
Kan To
New recruit of the Hi Shin Unit.
Hai Rai portrait.PNG
Hei Rai
New recruit of the Hi Shin Unit.


No image.PNG
Ba Shu Ri
Member of the Ten Bows of China (mentioned)
Duke Haku portrait.PNG
Duke Haku
Member of the Ten Bows of China
Killed by Sou Gen.


Sei Ka Un portrait.PNG
Sei Ka Un of Zhao (mentioned)
Member of the Ten Bows of China (mentoned)


Senshu Bi portrait.PNG
Senshu Bi
Member of the Ten Bows of China(mentioned)

Unknown state[]

No image.PNG
Kin Rei
Member of the Ten Bows of China (mentioned)


  • Sai Taku passes away after a verbal surrendering promise from Ou Ken, the King of Qi to Ei Sei, the King of Qin.
  • Qin establishes an alliance with Yan after negotiations with Sai Taku's help'



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