Kingdom Wiki
Epithet Dread Commander
Biographical Information
Deceased (Slain)
Age 30s
Gender Male
Relatives Rozo (oldest brother)
Goba (older brother)
Tork (younger brother)
State Zhao
Residence Ryouyou
Location Saha Gorge (Death Place)
Birth Place Ryouyou
Professional Information
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Quanrong
Zhao Military
Military Rank Army Commander
Equipment Glaive
Manga Debut Chapter 535

Bunen was the Brother of The Quanrong King in Zhao, Rozo.



Bunen was said to be the cruelest one among the three brothers related to Rozo. To support this, he was shown to wear the face masks of enemies as an ornament.



Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

Bunen was first introduced during the 1st day of the Battle of Ryouyou with Tork, telling his older brother Goba to retreat.

On the second day, Bunen was seen with his brothers discussing the Yo Tan Wa Army's strengths and weaknesses.

On a ninth day Bunen was seen again when he leads a 15,000 plus man army against the Heki Army assisted by the Mera Tribe. In this engagement, he killed Katari, the leader of the Mera tribe, while sacrificing his own man, which held Katari down, so that he couldn't defend himself. After this, he chased the combined Mera Tribe and Heki Army, which were on morale down but Bunen stopped midway and joined his brother and Zhao army on their hunt for Yo Tan Wa and Ba Jio.

He was killed by Kitari in her charge against him.


Strength 83
Leadership 81
Intelligence 65
Experience C
Kunya mouth degree: 95

As a commander in Quanrong Tribe, Bunen was shown to be a decent military commander and was known as the "Dread Commander".

Physical Abilities[]

Bunen was a strong fighter, yet not on par with other commanders. He was no match for Kitari as he lost his hand and fingers in a duel and later was butchered by the chieftain of Mera Tribe.


As a commander, Bunen held some leadership skills and was able to command his men well on battlefields. His leadership involved fear and was similar to his brother's leadership, Rozo. He showed no mercy to his men and was willing to sacrifice them in order to eliminate his enemy.

Tactical Abilities[]

Bunen used dishonorable tactics as one of his favorite tactic was to let his underlings pin his opponent with grappling then kill them, not caring if he kills his own men with it. This was proven effective against Katari.


Bunen Cruelty.jpeg
Bunen wearing dead enemies mask as a necklace
Katari’s death.jpeg
Bunen killing Katari
Bunen lost his hand and fingers.jpg
Bunen lost his hand and fingers during a duel with Kitari
Bunen death.jpg
Kitari kills Bunen

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