• Kneelsoccer

    I wanted to add a photo to a Rishin's gallery, but I don't know how to. This wiki is disorganized. Can someone help me?

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  • King Ousen

    /u/Ousen123 and my Team have put together a fan content of stats which are more accurate compared to the authors. Also have added in characters with out stats.

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  • Amlal.kenpachi

    Kingdom AMV

    March 12, 2017 by Amlal.kenpachi

    hey ther! i m a AMV editor i upload an AMV abt kingdom ! so hope u enjoy it :)

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  • Amlal.kenpachi

    hmmm, i Start a Kingdom Project from a month ago, and i make 60% of it and blocked ! when i check this web site i read lot of information and now i have a good ideas, thanks to all who stay up for this and keep it up :)

    my channel :

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  • AlexHunter20

    Is there someone who knows or has the slightest hint of Kingdom Season 3? I really love this anime and I'd like to see if there will be a new season.

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  • ElBlanco

    "Bricks" for editing

    December 29, 2016 by ElBlanco

    I have here some "bricks" that I often use while editing, but that are not essentional enough to make a template out of it..

    Feel free to use it.

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  • Gundamexia450


    August 20, 2016 by Gundamexia450

    So I want to know where is all stats for abilities coming from?

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  • SC3679

    How was Kingdom introduced to you and what made you keep on reading? What was your first impression?

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  • Blazebot99

    Who do you guys think will reach general first?

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  • Nii Kun
    • Manga creator Yasuhisa Hara reported in Media Factory's literary news magazine Da Vinci on Tuesday that he is considering writing up to 100 volumes for his Kingdom manga series. .  

    • Thread
    • Anime News Network  

    Illustrator Katsuya Terada (Blood: The Last Vampire ) also drew an illustration of the character Ou Ki from the manga for the magazine (shown below).

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  • Eragon7538


    June 18, 2015 by Eragon7538

    Hello Everyone!

    Starting today, I am going to become active in this community by editing and making changes where need be!

    I look forward to getting to know all of you!

    Before I do too much though, is there anything I should know beyond the rules and guildlines?

    Thanks, and Good Luck!

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  • Vazelos3

    Yo guys! Seeing that Roa has been inactive for quite a while, I noticed that we need someone to step up and become the "parent" of this wiki. So, since I am the oldest administrator active at the moment, I figured i should make a request to adopt this wiki.

    In order for this to happen, I need your approval, especially Ian's since he is the only other admin active. If you don't agree with me adopting the wiki, please feel free to propose another user for the spot.


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  • Nii Kun

    GIF Corner

    May 26, 2015 by Nii Kun






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  • Nii Kun

    Translation of Names

    May 24, 2015 by Nii Kun

    Japanese Chinese English

    Ga Kyou Eh Jing

    Ka Rin Wa Lin

    Ka Ryo Ten He Liao Diao

    Kaine Hai Yin

    Kou Xiang

    Kyou Liao

    Kyou Kai Qiang Lei

    Kyou Mei Qiang Ming

    Kyou Shou Qiang Xiang

    Shi Kika Zi Jige

    Shi Ka Zhi Xia

    Shun Chun

    Tou Bi Dong Mei

    Turri You Li

    Yo Tan Wa Yang Duan He

    You Yang

    Yuu Ren Yuu Lian

    Japanese Chinese English

    Anko Kukun Anguojun

    A Mon Ya Men

    Ba Kan Ma Guan

    Bako Ku Ma Gao

    Baku Koshin Fu Hushen

    Ban You Pan Yang

    Batsu Ken Fa Jian

    Bi Hei Wei Ping

    Bi Shi Bi Zhi

    Bi Tou Wei Dao

    Bik Yuu Wei Jiu

    Boku Kou Mu Gong

    Bun Ketsu Wen Xue

    Bu Rei Wu Ling

    Chi Ei Mao Ying

    Chou Kaku Zhao Jue

    Chou Katsu Zhao Kuo

    Chou Koku Zhao Gao

    Chou Kou Zhao Gao

    Chou Sou Zhao Zhuang

    Chou Sha Zhao She

    Chou Tou Zhang Tang

    Chu Tetsu Zhong Tie

    Chuu Ki Zhong Gui

    Den Ei Tian Yong

    Den Kou Tian Ang

    Den Yuu Tian You


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  • QinLuffyNarutoIchigo

    Kingdom is on a break next week.

    so no chapter 432 on May 24.

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  • Nii Kun

    Happy Mother's Day

    May 10, 2015 by Nii Kun

    Happy Mother's Day. Hope you'll be using most of your time today together with your mother cause you won't be able to do it much as the time goes by. . 


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  • Old Magi

    Kingdom RP forum?

    March 26, 2015 by Old Magi

    Hey, would anyone be interested in a Kingdom-Based RP forum? You know, play a character, lead armies, fight through the Warring States era. I found an awesome way to convert the system for the Game of Thrones RP into an dynamic way to wage warfare. You could be a Strategist, General, Assassain, Courtesan, Noble Man. the possibilities are endless. 

    So any questions? 

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  • Old Magi

    Duke Hyou's name?

    March 22, 2015 by Old Magi

    Something I was wondering, especially with the Shi Haku/Earl Shi change that was made recently. Is Duke Hyou's name an actual title like a Duke would be in a nobility system? Because I find it odd everyone has a family name among the Great Generals, but Duke Hyou seems to have an actual noble title? Anyone know what's up with that? 

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  • Old Magi

    Hey, I'm making a shortlist of the things I want to do to the tactics sections, its very cluttered and it's an easy fix.

    1. Move everything over to the Tactical Formations section, since Tactical formations looks cheap and there's no easy way to move things over
    2. Get rid of Black Crane Formation, and move Stratagem of the Broken Paths into a sub-section of the Natural Fortress page, since it is deliberately a sub-technique that is only possible when a Natural Fortress exists. 
    3. Start cleaning up the various tactics since some of them range from copypasta to conjectural writing. I also want to include a references section, since it legitimizes the page a bit more.
    4. I'll probably add some stuff to Echelon Formation, create a Shield Wall page, probably…
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  • Old Magi

    Hey, I'm Old Magi, and I'd like to help out with the Kingdom wiki!

    I've read Kingdom about 7 times over now, and I'm an amateur writer, so I feel like I can bring a lot to the table. 

    Don't be afraid to hit me up, being a part of the community is what makes this fun!

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  • SpeedySnap

    Warning Spoilers!!

    March 8, 2015 by SpeedySnap

    Hello everyone, as the topic says it's spoilers..

    I was searching on the internet about the warring states and i found a link that have the complete story in it ,almost the same story we reading on the manga, of course i didn't complete reading it but from what i read it's the same story, so i said why i don't share it with you all but of course i'll give you a warning first,,

    I hope you enjoy it if you gonna read it ;)

    The link:

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  • SpeedySnap

    I'll say the arc gonna end in 12 chapters, so i expect it to end in chapter 434..

    About Shin's prey in this war hmm, i really can't tell is it gonna be Han O Ki or Han Ro Ki or Duke of Juuteki, but one of them will get him self slayed by Shin, for that Shin will go to the ceremony in get promotion to General after that Sei will appointed Shin as the commander in chief and send him for his first campaign as a General and the campaign will be The Ai state.

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  • QinLuffyNarutoIchigo

    it appears kingdom will be on a break on 7 March.


    Dat feeling

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  • Ian51515

    Coded message theory

    February 1, 2015 by Ian51515

    So anyway, I was looking at Chapter 411 with the letter from Shou Hei Kun with the broken seal. Now I think this is the same letter that Shin is referring to in Chapter 418. Now if that is true, Sho Hei Kun is working somewhat as a double agent as he just passed important information to the Hi Shin Unit. I have felt for a long time, since he helped Sei with the planning for the Battle of Sai, that Shou Hei Kun has been distancing himself from Ryo Fui.

    Now, the fact that the seal was broken I think indicates that one of Ryo Fui's minions intercepted it, as he doesn't fully trust Shou Hei Kun since the Coalition Arc. Obviously it was in code and talking about battles etc, so Sho Hei Kun could easily pass it off as just advice to one of his st…

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  • QinLuffyNarutoIchigo

    Battle of Kanyou

    December 28, 2014 by QinLuffyNarutoIchigo

    Its now a fact Shin is headed towards Kanyou. 

    Ei Sei states that The Hi Shin Unit is capabale of defeating Ai. Now unless there were some promotions of screen and Shin didn't gather more units, the Hi SHin Unit will be a 8K army.

    Would Shin be able to defeat 30k with 8K? unless Han O Ki is OP as fuck, i would say yes, but it will be a harsh battle. 

    However there are still Ryo Fui boys to deal with. 8K for dealing with Ryo Fui???? No, Hi Shin Unit is strong, but No.

    If Shin is Ei Sei only plan, then i'm disappointed.

    About Ryo Fui, why the hell is he surprised??? He should have known Shin would be coming. In fact he should be expecting the mountain people incoming as well.

    Ryo Fui really needs to step up his game or his head will be flying soon…

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  • QinLuffyNarutoIchigo

    Anno 2015

    December 27, 2014 by QinLuffyNarutoIchigo

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all.




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  • QinLuffyNarutoIchigo

    Hi there community, did you find a funy scene in the kingdom manga?

    share it here and make all of us laugh.

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  • QinLuffyNarutoIchigo

    Kingdom Memes

    December 1, 2014 by QinLuffyNarutoIchigo

    Hi there community, do you have or know a funny kingdom meme?

    share it here and makes all of us laugh.

    By QinLuffyNarutoIchigo

    • Scumbag king
    • Kingdom
    • Never gets old
    • Shin's newest attack
    • Ryo Fui

    By Nii Kun

    • Yo Tan Wa
    • Google
    • Chose one
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  • QinLuffyNarutoIchigo

    it seems we won't get chapter 412 this week release.

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  • QinLuffyNarutoIchigo

    With the info we now know from chapter 410, what do you think will happen in one month?

    Anyone a thought on how things will plan out?

    Which people want you to see fighting, Duels? and against who?

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  • Kamerond5

    I am personally for Ai and Official

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  • QinLuffyNarutoIchigo

    I hope and believe that the next chapter(402) will be the award ceremony, so any thoughts on the awards?

    so for Shin, Ou Hon, Tou, ...

    these are my thoughts: Shin: 5k commander Ou Hon: 5k commander Kyou Kai: 2k commander Oh shit if both Shin and Ou Hon will be promoted to generals now. although i don't think so as it is way to early, but Heki got to general at which i don't believe he is qualified to be one yet. He is on 5k level in my opinion, but oh well.

    I hope Ka Ryo Ten goes for her own unit as she deserves one. she isn't that strong, but intelligence wises she should be more then capable to be 2k level. Also i don't want her in Shin unit as strategist when Shin becomes a general. I hope she does the same thing as Kyou Kai having her ow…

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  • QinLuffyNarutoIchigo

    if you could choose one type of unit type which one would you like to see added to the Hi Shin Unit? meaning: crossbow archers, normal archers, war chariots, ...

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  • QinLuffyNarutoIchigo


    July 22, 2014 by QinLuffyNarutoIchigo

    sry about my 2 day absence, but i wasn't feeling like doing something due to the latest events. i'm back now and will try to make up for lost time. thanks

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  • QinLuffyNarutoIchigo

    maybe we should make a page were:

    • active projects are listed.
    • projects that needs to be started

    meaning the states pages need some work so they need to be listed as projects that needs to be started. for active projects i'm doing the chapter pages along with someone else.

    maybe we should add a tab for this in main menu as readers wight be interested to see what we are working on.

    maybe the admins should make a guideline page and/or policy page on how to do things, because now everyone is running wild.

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  • Kamerond5

    The 20-rank system was developed by Gongsun Yang (Shang Yang) and introduced during his reforms of the 350s BC as a means of motivating Qin soldiers to achieve merit on the battlefield. Any soldier who returned from battle with the head of one enemy officer (甲士) was immediately promoted by one rank. If the soldier returned with more than one head, he could have family members freed if they were convicts or slaves. Holders of higher ranks also received better rations in the army. If the holder of a rank died in battle, his son would inherit the rank. If the holder of a rank performed badly in subsequent campaigns, he could be demoted or have his salary reduced for the year.

    Holders of ranks were issued with salaries annually, usually as mill…

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  • Kha'Zix12

    Yo guys. After starting to edit Chapter Pages again, i wish to make some things more tidy and informative and i wish to hear some opinions about some things.

    First - the Characters tab. Honestly i find setting a link in the summary that contains the name better and easier, than writing the summary, and then putting links on the Characters tab. However, i am fine with both and i just want to know which you guys think is better.

    Second - Many, many repetitive words. If you are going to write a summary of a chapter, chances are one or a few more words will be repeated many times, and they ARE pretty long and have to be writen with caps, such as: Coalition Army, Hi Shin Unit. To prevent the summary to be really long i think those words should be…

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  • Ephe210

    If you will to PICK six (characters) that you think will fit in SIX GREAT GENERALS OF QIN. Who will it be? :)

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  • QinLuffyNarutoIchigo

    there are currently 3 unexplained abilities great generals have:

    1) sensing Qi of other people even trough walls demonstrated by Yo Tan Wa when Shin fought Sa Ji.

    2) ability to see details of a battlefield thought to Shin by Ou Ki when Ou Ki was dying while on his horse ==> still not able to use it and has never bin mentioned again.

    3) sensing other people general location. demonstrated by Ou Ki in first battle after his retirement.

    any thoughts on where this is going. are we going to see? some late supernatural abilities or what?

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  • QinLuffyNarutoIchigo

    i think the main menu need to have:

    • militaries and battles.
    • tab with weapons
    • the anime and manga tabs should be combined and only contain the arc and episode and chapter guides.
    • maybe a list of all the wars
    • timeline
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  • QinLuffyNarutoIchigo

    the chapter and episodes are mosltly empty and needs some work. i want to do short summery, trivia and characters. but i need domeone for long summery.

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  • OtakuModeEngage

    I think, nothing better can describe my journy into this crazy world of Japanese media than this tittle. As a middle-schooler, no, my entire childhood up to high-school, I cared very little for anime and manga, and forget Jpop, the only music I listened to was country. In fact, I was quite enamored with my American heritage, festering a love for baseball, monstertrucks, and a rather queer obsession with rednecks... on many occations I recall moking my older sister for the Sailor Moon stickers she had posted around her wall. But this all changed the moment she dragged me into her anime club. And thus, it all started, with Bleach.

    From there things spireled out of control Bleach to InYuasha, InYuasha to One Piece. I was burning through anime …

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  • Muhammad zull

    Hello is the Kingdom Manga is really only just volume 33 and almost done.

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  • Kamerond5

    We seriously need to set some guidelines on which characters are suppose to be featured on the main page

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  • Roranoa zoro

    Discussions about latest Chapters.

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  • Samtheman123

    The Ō letter

    March 19, 2014 by Samtheman123

    Personally I don't like it, the letter looks good, but not for this wiki, if newbies want to search for Ou pages they won't be able to because of "Ō" I don't even know how to type it, and I shouldn't need to if I want to search for Ou-related information.

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  • Samtheman123

    Boring Pages

    March 7, 2014 by Samtheman123

    Hey guys love this wiki as much as u do, it's my favorite wiki. But hate to say it but there are few pages that i would like to read thoroughly, ofc we all have our favorite pages but then there are those story sections with HUGE wall ass textes with no paragraph division. No headlines, and unecessary information which isn't about the sole character itself. Shin's page is a mess, and so are other hi shin unit members pages also. 

    Try reading those pages, you will eventually get bored and lost in a big black abyss, it's pain for the eyes to read. I know we're working on perfecting the articles, the structure and layout with most story sections are just too awful to read.

    I'll be listing those who first came to my mind:

    Shin (Shin's text needs …

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  • Vazelos3

    Perfect Articles

    February 23, 2014 by Vazelos3


    This is your friendly neighborhood Vaz!

    Dudez I'm gonna be honest with you. I have a feeling this wiki will grow big reaaaally soon. Like for real! So, what do we have to do to be ready for this? Work harder of course! And by harder I don't mean put more hours or effort but rather make a more organized teamwork.

    I noticed that everyone has made efforts to make the pages better and I am content with the quality of the edits, BUT random edits have no real power. I came across a judgemental comment by an AWC about the quality of an article and I realized that he had a point. But this made me wanna fix that and of course I need help with that.

    Ok, so this is how it works. Instead of making random edits I have a suggestion. Each …

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  • Roranoa zoro

    Chosen by the Heavens

    February 20, 2014 by Roranoa zoro

    The discussion of the polls will take place here.

    Suggestions are welcome :)
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  • Kamerond5
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