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Black Cavalry Corps
Hyou Shiga Black Cavalry Corps portrait.PNG
Group Information
Status Active
Founder Shou Hei Kun
Leader Hyou Shiga
State Qin
Residence Kanyou
Location Eikyuu
Professional Information
Classification Personal Unit
Affiliates Qin Military
Shou Hei Kun Army
Rank Elite Unit
Prominent Personnels
Manga Debut Chapter 250

Black Cavalry Corps is the Qin military unit commanded by Hyou Shiga, an elite personal unit under Shou Hei Kun.



Sanyou Aftermath Arc[]

These black soldiers of the capital came to Sanyou together with Shou Hei Kun and Ri Shi as bodyguards. Even though the name of their unit was not provided, it is likely to be the black cavalry corps of the Shou Hei Kun Army.

State of Ai Arc[]

The black cavalry corps had the task to break any 'sleeper cells' of mercenaries paid by Ryo Fui. They stopped the opening of one gate, prolonging the fall of Kanyou.

When the Shou Hei Kun Army arrived at the scene, they broke out of the city gates and crushed one of the intercepting units that were sent out by the rebel general Ha Mui. After this, they continued to charge through the rebels mounting one of the walls for the 'Hourai'.





Members of the Black Cavalry Corps are stronger than average soldiers of Qin as they easily took out soldiers from the Ai Army.