Bi Tou

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Chinese Wei Dao
Kanji 尾到
Biographical Information
Deceased (Blood Loss)
Marital Status Single
Gender Male
Eyes Grey
Hair Dark Brown
Skin Brown
Relatives Bi Hei (Older Brother))
State Qin
Residence Jouto Village
Location Bayou
Birth Place Jouto Village
Professional Information
Classification Squad Leader
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Hi Shin Unit
Bi Tou Squad
Military Rank 5-Man Squad Leader
Equipment Sword
Japanese VA Masaya Takatsuka
Manga Debut Chapter 49
Anime Debut Episode 17
Everyone wanted to see the same dream as you. And that's enough... Which is why, just like this, you should keep on going... ride the thoughts and wishes of all your comrades and climb your way up to a Great General of the Heavens.

—To Shin

I'm sorry, Yuu.

—Bi Tou's last words.

Bi Tou was one of the squad leaders of the Hi Shin Unit. He comes from the same village as Shin, the village of Jouto. He was the younger brother of Bi Hei.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Bi Tou had a slightly muscular build and looked like he was a strong guy. He barely had any armor as a foot soldier. He had a small beard and spiky hair.

Personality[edit | edit source]

He was very loyal to Shin, he respected and admired him. He was scared in his first war and could barely breathe, but got used to it later on. He also has a sense of humor as he pretended to be dead to annoy Shin. It is witnessed by Kyou Kai that he farts in his sleep.

History[edit | edit source]

When he was a kid, Bi Tou and his older brother Bi Hei found a young Shin and Hyou that were quite infamous in the village. Bi Hei picked a fight with Shin but they were both easily defeated by Shin. Shin began calling them the thug brothers from that point forward.

Story[edit | edit source]

Keiyou Campaign Arc[edit | edit source]

Took part in the Wei-Qin conflict of Duke Hyou vs Go Kei., as part of a 5-man squad with Shin, Kyou Kai, and his brother Bi Hei, with Taku Kei as their Corporal. He fought against, and survived Wei's war chariots by following whatever the remnants does under Kyou Kai's command. He later followed Baku Koshin's charge against Kyuu Gen.

Battle of Bayou Arc[edit | edit source]

Shin appointed him as a 5 Man Squad Leader in the Qin vs Zhao war. When the Hi Shin Unit attacked Hou Ken, Shin got serious injuries. The Man Goku army chased them and soon caught up quickly to the Hi Shin Unit. As they started fighting, he and his brother Bi Hei quickly hid with the unconscious Shin. They split from the rest of their unit and start running away. Knowing that the Man Goku Army will find them soon due to their blood trail, Bi Hei decides that Shin's life is more important than both of his and Bi Tou's, and suggests for them to split up. Bi Hei acts as a distraction while Bi Tou carries Shin. At the end of that day, Shin wakes up while both he and Bi Tou are lying on the ground on a hill. Shin thanks Bi Tou for saving him. Bi Tou says that Shin should become a Great General and fulfill his dream, and 'dies'. Shin starts crying as Bi Tou quickly says it was just a joke, making Shin nervous. Bi Tou says that they should both relax and sleep to get ready for the next day, which Shin agrees with. However, Bi Tou dies from blood loss a few moments later. Before he dies he apologizes to his girlfriend Yuu Ri.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

He was quite enduring since he was able to carry Shin a long time.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • [To Shin]
    "Everyone put their lives on the line to protect you. Even though it wasn't an order, they still risked themselves for you. That isn't normal. That would never happen to a normal captain, Shin. Which is why I thought to myself... If it's Shin, he can definitely become a General." (Chapter 148, page 15)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Bi Tou shares the same Japanese voice actor, Masaya Takatsuka, with Hou Ken.
  • Shin says he smells of fields.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Shin Saves Taku Kei, Bi Tou And Bi Hei From Charging The War Chariot.PNG
Bi Tou, Taku Kei and Bi Hei saved by Shin from the charging war chariot
Bi Tou squad leader.png
5-Man Squad Leader
Bi Tou Dies.png
Bi Tou Dies
Bi Tou Character Design anime S1.PNG
Bi Tou's anime character design S1
Young Bi Hei And Bi Tou anime S1.PNG
Young Bi Tou and Bi Hei
Young Shin Punches Young Bi Tou anime S1.PNG
Young Bi Tou punched by Shin
Shin Saves Taku Kei, Bi Tou And Bi Hei From Charging The War Chariot anime S1.PNG
Bi Tou, Taku Kei and Bi Hei saved by Shin from the charging war chariot
Turri Kisses Bi Tou anime S1.PNG
Bi Tou's cheek kissed by Turri
Taku Kei, Bi Hei And Bi Tou Save Shin From Hou Ken's Strike anime S1.PNG
Bi Tou with Taku Kei and Bi Hei save Shin from Hou Ken's strike
Bi Tou And Shin Lies Down Under The Light Of The Moon anime S1.PNG
Bi Tou and Shin lie down under the light of the moon
Bi Tou's Wounds anime S1.PNG
Bi Tou's wounds after being hit by two arrows
Shin Mourns Over Bi Tou's Death anime S1.PNG
Bi Tou's death
Shin Carries Bi Tou's Corpse anime S1.PNG
Bi Tou's corpse
Episode 32 portrait.PNG
Bi Tou carries Shin

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