Bell Formation
Bell formation.png
Weapon Info
Name Bell Formation
Type Tactical Formation
Used by Tou

Bell Formation is a defensive tactic used by general Tou and his army. It boasts strong defense from all possible enemy attacks.

History[edit | edit source]

This formation was deployed by the Tou Army during the Coalition War in order to defend against Ka Rin's forces attacking from many different angles. Ryuu Koku was the commander of the front wall, while Ou Hon and Mou Ten were appointed as commanders of the two wings.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

This formation resambles the shape of a bell. It contains front wall and two wings that are the main source of defence. The HQ and reserve units are hidden in the center, protected by them.

Strengths & Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

When deployed properly this formation can provide solid defense against attacks incoming form many different angles. In addition, it's also possible to use the cavalry to strike at the weak rears of incoming units. This enables to demoralize their forces, as demonstrated by Ou Hon and Mou Ten.

However, the formation leaves the back open for an attack, so it could be possible to reach the HQ if a large number of enemies would be able to sneak from behind. Another weakness is that it prevents from aiding allies that were trapped behind enemy lines, since it requires a lot of troops to perform.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Bell formation.png
Bell formation
Bell formation2.png
Defending the HQ
Bell formation3.png
Formation from the distance
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