Battle of the Southern Path
Qin Zhao


  • Hou Ken (Commander-In-Chief) (Had his arm broken by Duke Hyou)
  • Ri Boku

5,000 Soldiers

less then 40,000 Soldiers


about 3,000 Soldiers


  • Victory of Coalition Army.
  • Duke Hyou was slain by Hou Ken.
  • Qin troops pulled back towards Kanyou and were chased by Zhao.

The Battle of the Southern Path was a battle between Qin and Zhao armies during Coalition War in 241 B.C.

Location[edit | edit source]

The battle took place on the southern path to Kanyou in a narrow mountain passsage.

Background[edit | edit source]

With the events of the 15th day and Qin's momentum, Ri Boku suggested that the coalition army should withdraw their forces and reconsider their strategy. During the night, Ri Boku secretly departed the HQ with unknown direction, leaving only one request: All army generals should pick 1000 elite soldiers and have them follow Ri Boku's trail. As it turn out Ri Boku had a back up plan to sneak his army through Bu Pass and reach Kanyou. As he was traveling on southern path he was conquering all the small cities and outposts on his way.

However, as it turned out later, on the 16th day, Duke Hyou noticed some dust cloud and left his post at Kankoku Pass to chase it thinking Ri Boku was leading the forces. Compared to the Ri Boku Army that had taken a longer and more roundabout route to avoid being discovered by the many Qin outposts in the mountains Duke Hyou's detachment used the advantage of their home terrain to move at full speed while absorbing soldiers from ay garrisons they found along the way. Thanks to that they were able to catch up to the Ri Boku Army's rear with a force numbering 5000 men.

Battle[edit | edit source]

In response to Ri Boku's plan to attack the second, less defended entrance of the Qin capital, Duke Hyou quickly flanked the Ri Boku Army. When Riboku notices this he set up Ryuudou to separate the Duke from his men but by using his instinctual abilities he was able to penetrate through to the center of Ri Boku's Ryuudou strategy. Ri Boku stops and complimented Duke Hyou's abilities as an instinctual general but he reveals that the end of the Ryuudou was a trap just in case someone breaks through. Houken is revealed to be the "trump card" of Ri Boku. Duke Hyou orders his men to kill Riboku while he duels with Hou Ken, Duke Hyou is overpowered most of the fight and when he hears Shin screaming his name he threw his Shield at him tells him to go FORWARD towards Kanyou. Duke Hyou then lost his arm to Houken but he later proceeded to break Houken arm and told Shin “don’t ever let your fire die out” before he’s slain. His adjutant Gaku Ga also lost his life and the remaining 2000 Qin soldiers retreated towards Sai and lost even more numbers from being harrassed by Zhao pursuers.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After Qin army reached Sai they met with their King. Zhao army soon followed after and Battle of Sai began.

Later it was also revieled that through this clash Ri Boku could deconstruct and decipher the mechanisms of how instinctual generals wage war and create his own hybrid army.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Riboku army portrait.PNG
Ri Boku leading the detachment
Duke Hyou leads Shin in battle.jpg
The Duke attacks Ri Boku Army
Duke Hyou to Shin
Duke Hyou.jpg
The Duke Crush The Zhao
Duke Hyou Vs Hou Ken.PNG
Duke Hyou strikes Hou Ken
Duke hyou passes on his shield.png
Duke Hyou throws his shield towards Shin
Duke hyou loses an arm.png
Duke Hyou's arm severed by Hou Ken
Duke hyou breaks houken's arm.png
Duke Hyou breaks Houken's arm
Duke Hyou dying words.PNG
Duke Hyou's dying words to Shin
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