Day 16-17

16th Day[edit | edit source]

The coalition army leaders were having a meeting, to which general Ka Rin was late. when she arrived, she started accusing general Ordo for his defeat in the hands of Ou Sen. Go Hou Mei takes the initiative and tells everyone to keep it together. He went on to explain that if this coalition army members returned to their homelands without even breaching the Kankoku Pass, they would forever be remembered in history as complete failures. At that point, everyone noticed Ri Boku's absence. Shou Hei Kun reveals that Riboku has already left the battlefield and has asked from each army to send 1000 elite soldiers to his tail.

Meanwhile, the siege of the by Han and Wei continued but without them making any attempt to actually climb the walls.

While the other battlefields simply held positions and glared at each other. Duke Hyou noticed a small dust storm kicked up by the 1,000-man units sent out by each coalition army. He and 3,000 men, which included the Hi Shin Unit. Compared to the Ri Boku Army that had taken a longer and more roundabout route to avoid being discovered by the many Qin outposts in the mountains; Duke Hyou's detachment used their home ground advantage to move at full speed while absorbing soldiers from any garrisons they found along the way.

17th Day[edit | edit source]

The 17th day went pretty much the same. The siege continued, while on the other fronts there was no attacks. The armies just stared at each other. Qin's soldiers figured that their opponents had no other means to attack them and that the battle was going to be concluded soon.

But behind the pass, it was revealed Riboku's Army of 40,000 sneaked through the mountains and were able to get to the southern path. And siege the small cities of Kasa, Sou, and Ran. Then the medium sized city of Naifu. The palace was thrown into chaos when they learned that the ones attacking them were lead by Riboku.

War's End[edit | edit source]

The battle officially ends with the coalition army's withdrawal form Kankoku Pass

After that, both armies engaged in small skirmishes every day, choosing conservative warfare with the sole purpose of stalling each other while waiting for the outcome of the Battle of Sai.

Once Ri Boku returned to Kankoku Pass defeated, the coalition generals were furious about this army's failure and even blamed the Zhao prime minister. Shun Shin Kun was not ready to give up on the campaign and set the new target of the coalition army to be  the state of Qi, which was propped up as a traitor to the coalition. However, Moubu had set out from Kankoku pass after the coalition army had turned on Qin. This meant that the coalition army would only capture cities as far as the city of Jouan.

There, the coalition army disbanded, leaving Qin as the overall victors.

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