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Battle of Eikyuu Arc

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Media Information
Starting Date February 25, 2021
Ending Date November 25, 2021
Chapters 671 - 701
Number of Chapter 31
Shiyuu Conflict Arc
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Battle of Eikyuu Arc is the 22nd and current arc of the Kingdom manga.


Characters Introduced[]


San Nou
Commander in the Kyou Kai Unit
San Sai
Commander in the Kyou Kai Unit
Nan Chin
Commander in the Kyou Kai Unit
Den Ten
Commander in the Kyou Kai Unit
Den Kutsu
Commander in the Kyou Kai Unit


Raku'A Kan
General in the Han Military
Yoko Yoko
Commander in the Han Military


Ryuu Haku Kou
General in the Zhao Military
Vassal of the Ko Chou Army.
Ko Haku Kou portrait.PNG
Ko Haku Kou
General in the Zhao Military
Vassal of the Ko Chou Army.
Gaku Haku Kou
General in the Zhao Military
Vassal of the Ko Chou Army.
Ki Shou portrait.PNG
Ki Shou
Strategist of the Ko Chou Army
Sou Kan
Commander in the Zhao Military
Chou Kei Ryuu Fu portrait.PNG
Chou Kei Ryuu Fu
General in the Zhao Military
Vassal of the Ko Chou Army
Ka Man portrait.PNG
Ka Man
Soldier of the Ko Chou Army
Kyo Yo portrait.PNG
Kyo Yo
Commander in the Gaku Haku Army
Chou Kou
Soldier in the Gaku Haku Kou Army
Senkyou Unit
No image.PNG
Man Haku
Ko Haku Army
Gaku Shou portrait.PNG
Gaku Shou
Seika General
Jyou Ka Ryuu portrait.PNG
Jyou Ka Ryuu
Seika General


  • Decades since the passing of the previous generation, the Six Great Generals system is reborn with the appointment of Mou Bu, Tou, Ou Sen, Yo Tan Wa and Kan Ki but the sixth seat is left vacant until someone worthy of this position emerges.
  • The current kings of Han and Yan finally make a full appearance.
  • Sen, the current king of Zhao, is renamed as Yuu Boku.
  • Chou In, the stand-in of the Han Army during the Coalition Invasion Arc, makes a return.
  • With some help from Kyou Rei, Kyou Kai cuts her hair for the first time.
  • It is revealed by Mou Ten that Ou Hon is married to an incredibly nice noblewoman named Sai Ka and both have become parents.
  • Along with becoming a member of the new generation of the Six Great Generals, Ou Sen also becomes a grandfather.
  • Years since the Coalition Invasion Arc, Ri Haku makes a reappearance.
  • This arc shows a short flashback of the early bandit days of the Kan Ki Army.


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