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Battle of Eikyuu
The Battle of Eikyuu.jpg
Qin Zhao

80,000 Soldiers + 15,000 reinforcements of the Hi Shin Army

240,000 Soldiers



At least 100,000


Qin's Victory:

  • Hi Shin Army captures Eikyuu with the help of Gyoku Hou Army.
  • Great General Ko Chou is killed in battle and beheaded.
  • Great General Kan Ki orders the execution of 100,000 surrendered soldiers of Zhao.

The Battle of Eikyuu was a major and recent battle fought between the Kan Ki Army and the Ko Chou Army during the Qin's invasion of Heiyou in 234 B.C.


The battle took place in a wide area of plains and forests near Eikyuu. The center and it's wings were separated by mountains.


At the start of new year Kan Ki was promoted to the member of Six Great Generals when Ei Sei brought back the system. He then returned to the frontlines and ordered a brutal offensive of Heiyou that resulted in many casualties on his side. He cought an attention of great general Ko Chou who moved his main army and decided to face him in battle and ordered Ou Hon to attack Eikyuu fortress which was the most difficult spot.


1st-7th Day[]

On Qin's left wing under the command of Ou Hon was geting wiped out for several days while trying to take Eikyuu fortress. The other Qin forces were also not doing well whether it be 20,000 soldiers of the right wing commanded by Rai Do or 40,000 troops in the center commanded by Koku'Ou and Ring Yoku. On the 7th day the central army was split apart by Ko Haku Kou forces in order to expose Qin's HQ.

8th Day[]

On the 8th day Hi Shin Army received the message to join the battle and aid Gyouku Hou Army in taking Eikyuu. Once they arrived the right wing was nearly wiped out. However, Ou Hon and some core members of his unit were able to survive and were saved at the last moment by Hi Shin Army. At the Hi Shin's HQ, Shin asks about Ou Hon’s state and they answer that he is in a bad shape and still unconscious. Ten wonders about how to take the fortress and suggests attacking from the spot where there's a gentler slope. As they are about to head out, they are stopped by Ou Hon who warns them that Zhao prepared a trap there and they already tried this route before and failed. Ou Hon then says that the only way to take the fortress is to attack the steepest cliff where the terrain is thought, but there is no real defense set up.

On the central battlefield Rin Gyoku Clan was fiercely attacked by Zhao forces and the entire unit was in disarray. Rin Gyouku notes that, since the enemy is aiming for them then at least Koku'ou will have it easier and says he hopes this was Kan Ki's plan from the start. Then Jo Ta reports to him that Kou Kotsu Clan deserted. Rin Gyoku thanks him and says he can join his clan.

Meanwhile in Qin's HQ Ma Ron receives the report that Do Ron and Gen Sai clans also deserted. Ma Ron is also considering fleeying the battlefield when suddenly Kan Ki shows up behind him to talk.

On the right wing Rai Do is fighting the enemies when Ogiko shows up covered in wounds to deliver a message from Kan Ki. Ogiko thinks it's because Kan Ki doesn't want Rai Do to be too reckless. Rai Do then receives another message that the Yo Ma Clan captured the son of general Ryuu Haku Kou the left wing general.

Hi Shin Unit's infantry begun to climb the cliff. Zhao have noticed their plan and realized that they had to be friefed by the Gyoku Hou. As the troops progress in their climb Bi Hei almost falls to his death, but is caught by Kei and Kou. When they reach halfway point they are meet with the rain of rocks from the top. Many soldiers die, crushed by the falling stones. Suu Gen orders them to move to the left where the cliff is steeper, but they will be shielded from the rocks. With the sheer willpower they eventually reach the top of the cliff and begin their assault. They push their way in order to allow cavalry to join. Kyou Rei spring ahead and cuts down handful of soldiers. Zhao commander receives the report about them geting closer to the stronghold and wonders why are their infantry so strong. As Bi Hei is about to call for Ri Shin, he already rides up the cliff to help. Meanwhile Gaku Haku Kou recieves the report about the situation. He doesn't seem to be concerned as he picks up his mace and goes out to fight Shin.

At the right wing general Ryuu Haku Kou is at the hunt for Rai Do. His soldiers are trying to warn him that it's a trap, but he doesn't listen, since his youngest son got cought by the enemy. He remembers the time spent with his family as he watched his son grow. He then finds Kae's body tied to a tree and breaks into tears. Rai Do clan then attacks him as he despairs under the tree. Ryuu Haku Kou goes berserk after seeing the body of his younger son. Despite being outnumbered he continues to fight and kill Rai Do's soldiers. Rai Do insist that they need to kill him now and attacks him personally. The old general tries to fight back, but Rai Do pushes his glaive into his neck. Then Rai Do orders a retreat, but Ryuu Haku Kou is not letting go of the glaive. As they are about to cut his arm, the forces of the elder son Ryuu Fu arrive and Rai Do is overpowered by him before he has the chance to grab his sword. Chou Kei Ryuu Fu cries seeing what happened and decides to take Rai Do to lord Ko Chou in order to torture him.

On the left wing Hi Shin Army is pushing their way through Zhao forces, but they can't advance fast enough due to enemy's numbers. Ka Ryo Ten is hopeless as they don't have enough forces to pincer them. However, Ban You remembers that they sent another unit to the right in order to attack when their main force would climb up. As he says it, A Ka Kin shows up and leads a charge. Seeing all the chaos Zhao sends part of their armies to anticipate A Ka Kin. His cavalry instead of attacking them directry just runs around in order to put psychological pressure. This greatly helped Hi Shin Army to push their advance as they almost reach Zhao's HQ. However, they are stopped by the appearance of general Gaku Haku who with a single swing of his mace turns the battlefield into chaos. His elite cavalry Senkyou also appears behind him. He says that after Ko Chou became guardian deity of Kantan they devoted themselves to studying tactics and training. He talks about violence creating more violence as the clash starts.

In Zhao's HQ Rai Do and his men are kept prisoners as Ko Chou enters the tent with a team of torturers. He praises Rai Do for being able to defeat one of his generals as he begins his turtures. Ko Chou wants to know what is Kan Ki plotting, however Rai Do dies without spilling the beans. He then appoints Ryuu Fu as the new commander of his left wing. Once the news of Rai Do's capture spread, the remnants of his army fell apart. The newly apponted commander Ryuu Fu chased them down and brutally assaulted. Meanwhile in the center Rin Gyoku and Koku'Ou forces were driven apart. Ko Haku Army were intially focus on Rin Gyoku, but they changed their target to Koku'Ou instead, which was trully the finishing blow.

Ko Chou is visited in his HQ by one of his soldiers Ka Man. He informs him about the situation on the battlefield. Ko Chou in response orders him to keep 3000 men to Eikyuu just in case. He then considers the option of Ou Sen coming to Kan Ki's aid, but says it's unlikely since his eyes are on Bujou and Heiyou. Ka Man is still worried and proposes to double their lookouts on western side just in case Kan Ki is planing something, but Ko Chou answers he's already done it and it shouldn't be concern even if Ou Sen makes a move. Ka Man says he will sent 5000 men to Ko Haku and order Ryuu Haku to send some of his troops to the middle.

On the Eikyuu cliff Ri Shin is dueling Gaku Haku Kou. He struggles, because he still can't keep up with his opponents speed and his glaive keeps missing. Den Ei says that his strength doesn't come just from his size, but also martial arts. Shin hears this and decides to call for Bi Hei and give him his glaive. Instead he desides to draw Ei Sei's sword and starts to keep up with Gaku Haku Kou's movements thanks to the change of weapon. In response his opponents drops the mace and asks his soldier for a moon blade. He claims that this weapon complements his martial arts the best. The fight continues as Shin becomes more agile and fast on his feet. Suu Gen talk about how Shin needed to become stronger in order to wield the glaive and now he's creating his own style of martial arts through self-discipline. Shin starts to wonder how to get past his defenses and finally has an idea. He attacks his opponent head on. As he's about to counter with a kick Shin dives his blade in his knee pining him down. Then he calls Bi Hei's name as his friend throws him his glaive and he delivers final blow with it.

Hi Shin Army fight their way through Zhao troops, but they are attacked by the calavry from the rear forces. However, Kyou Kai Unit rushes to their rescue. Kyou Rei splits up to help the infantry while Kyou Kai leads the cavalry in Wedge Formation attack. In Zhao's HQ the strategist Ki Shou receives the news of Gaku Haku's death and is shocked about it. He orderes his men not to spread the news, but is cut down moments later when A Ka Kin storms the HQ. As the battle progresses Qin successfully pushes their offensive and Gaku Haku Kou's head gets put on Den Yuu's glaive. Hi Shin Army successfully captures Eikyuu and everyone celebrates the success. Ka Ryo Ten sends a message to Naki to track the retreating Gaku Haku forces just in case. Then she orders a flanking attack on Ko Chou's HQ. The news of Eikyuu being taken also reaches Ko Chou who decides to send 5000 men from Ko Haku Army as a shield to prevent Hi Shin Army's attack.

As the center Qin army is geting anihilated the Zhao forces are trying to find Kan Ki, but without any success. Ryuu Fu also splits his forces and raids with 8,000 soliders to the center in order to aid the search. However, they still couldn't find even a trace of Kan Ki's whereabouts. In Ko Chou's HQ all the officers are confident in their victory. Suddenly they get reports about multiple small groups of enemies attacking their headquarters defences. Zhao commander Chou Ritsu tries to calm his soldiers, but is killed once the Zenou Clan appears before him. Ko Chou receives the report that the attackers number around 1000 and there are still more coming. The strategists all panic, but Ko Chou is calm and looks at the map. He quickly understoods that Kan Ki used Sun Bin's strategy. He explains that Zhao soldiers were too preocupied by chasing Kan Ki's deserting bandits. There was a group of soldier hidden among the real deserters that hid themselves and waited until Zhao units would pass them. They hid among bodies or dug burrows and waited until Zhao would send 5000 men to their right wing, so if Hi Shin Army wouldn't win then this plan wouldn't work. Kan Ki didn't instruct all of fleeing bandits, since they were real deserters. They knew exectly that so many of them would flee which is why he decided to use this strategy. Ko Chou then claims that it's possible Kan Ki had this plan in mind even before the battle started. Ka Man then joins the meeting and says they should run away, since they can still win as long as they survive the ambush. The advisors suggest to run towards Ko Haku's 5000-Man Army, since it's the closest, but Ka Man says that perhaps Kan Ki predicted it, so they should go in the opposite direction. Ko Chou agrees, but as they try to escape to the left their path is blocked by a group of cavalry led personally by Kan Ki.

Two cavalry units begun to fight. Ko Chou's unit was handpicked 100 cavalryman who undergone strict selection. On the other side Shu Ma Clan numbered 200 soldiers and their individual strength was equal to Zenou Clan. And so, Kan Ki's side proven to be superior and overpowered their enemies. In anger commander Ka Man rushed ahead in order to kill Kan Ki. Kan Ki however, easily deflected his blade, grabbed his neck and stabbed him through the stomach. Dying Ka Man looked into Kan Ki's eyes and said they do not reflect true pain and that Ko Chou lost that light long ago. Kan Ki was not interesting in the conversation and cut the commander in half. Ko Chou was now surrounded, but he didn't seem to be fazed by that. Ko Chou in the last desperate act decides to take his own life by cuting his own throat.

Kan Ki orders his men to take his head in order to demoralize Zhao troops. They parade the head on the spear and spread the news about supreme commander's death. In addition Ma Ron begun to spread false rumors about Ou Sen and Yo Tan Wa arriving with 100,000 troops each. It worked perfectly and Zhao units begun to surrender one after another. Previously deserted soldiers from Kan Ki Army also returned and helped with capturing prisoners after the tides have turned. Central commander Ko Haku rushed to Ko Chou's HQ and thus was unable to stop pass desertion. The only one still resisting was Ryuu Haku however, he was stopped in tracks by Koku'Ou. And so the number of surrendered soldiers was far beyond anything Kan Ki army ever captured numbering in tens of thousands.


After the battle Kan Ki found the mutulated corpse of Rai Do in a box. After witnessing it he decided to send Hi Shin Army to chase the remaining Zhao forces and execute all 100,000 war prisoners his army have captured.