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Battle of Chouhei
Qin Zhao

Haku Ki (Commander-in-Chief);
Ou Ki

Ren Pa (Replaced);

Chou Katsu
† (Slain by Ou Ki)







Qin's victory
400,000 Zhao soldiers are burried alive

The Battle of Chouhei was a major battle between Qin forces led by Haku Ki and the Zhao army led by Ren Pa. It started in 262 B.C and ended in 260 B.C. and it was fought over the region of Joutou.


In 262 B.C., the states of Qin and Zhao clashed swords over the region of Joutou which formerly belonged to the state of Han. This conflict was fought at the location known as Chouhei. Qin appointed general Haku Ki as their commander-in-chief while the Zhao was lead by General Ren Pa. This great war would case both states to bring their full military might to bear, but after two years of combat, a conclusion still had yet to be reached. Faced with this situation, the impatient Zhao king made a foolish decision and had the distinguished General Ren Pa replaced with a young hot-headed general named Chou Katsu. The two-year-long stalemate was broken in a single swoop.

Chou Katsu launched a surprise attack against the Qin. They easily saw through the attack, and there was an ambush awaiting him and his men. While his men were barraged with arrows, Chou Katsu was cut down in a single thrust by Ou Ki. Ou Ki was disappointed, because this extreme war which lasted for two years, had been completely spoiled by Chou Katsu and told Chou Katsu that he would try him again in his next life. June, 260 BC, having lost their commander, the Zhao forces capitulated to the Qin Army. Roughly 400,000 Zhao soldiers surrender. However, the Qin commander-in-chief, Haku Ki, came to a most frightful decision on how to deal with these prisoners. Citing a lack of food to spare and the danger of rebellion as his reasons, General Haku Ki had the 400,000 Zhao prisoners killed by burying them alive.


This giant massacre of unprecedented scale would be recorded in history as the "Battle of Chouhei." Just how great was the sorrow of the relatives of these 400,000 soldiers? Just how intense was the rage of the relatives of these 400,000 soldiers? Just how fiercely did the people of Zhao curse the Qin for this atrocity?

The Man Goku Army was formed by Man Goku, a survivor of the atrocity. It was completely comprised of soldiers who were relatives or children of those massacred at Chouhei. It was the incarnation of the curse of Chouhei.


In actual history, Ou Kotsu was Haku Ki's deputy for this battle, however in the show's flashbacks it was shown to be Ou Ki. This is due to a confusion by Hara mistaking the historical figure as two separate characters due to the different names used in historical text. This mistake was later rectified by him during an interview.


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