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Battle at Shukai Plains
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Qin's victory:

Scarlet Sea Plains

The Battle at Shukai Plains was a major battle fought between the Ou Sen Army and the Ri Boku Army during the Qin’s Gyou Campaign in 236 B.C.


The battle took place roughly 50 li west of Kantan and 75 li north of the city of Gyou on a vast expensive plain that occasionally interspersed with thick forest and hills that hinder an army's march. The name of this plot of land is Shukai Plains or the Scarlet Sea Plains because supposedly a big bloody battle took place at this very location even before the clash between the armies of Ri Boku and Ou Sen.

The battle site was located close to Atsuyo, a large city within Zhao.


Seeing that the original plan which Shou Hei Kun drew up to take Gyou was rendered impossible, Ou Sen decided to capture all small cities on the way and force their citizens to retreat east and take refugee in Gyou, resulting in a strain on Gyou's resources and forcing Zhao to fight Qin on his terms. He also included some of his men as infiltrators among the refugees. He split his forces to let Kanki surround Gyou while he himself led forces towards Atsuyo and tasked Yo Tan Wa to lead forces towards Ryouyou to keep the Zhao from freeing Gyou from its enclosure.


1st Day[]

By this point, the two leaders of Qin and Zhao had already arrived at these grounds as part of their advance parties. The two of them would go on to take in the landscape that lay before them. Where they would then conjure up imaginary troops and formations, maneuvering and directing them in their minds...heroically slaying their enemies.

Ou Sen organized his forces with the Gaku Ka Unit on his left, the A Kou Army and Gyoku Hou Unit on his right, and his own army along with Ma Kou Army and Hi Shin Unit in the center. Ri Boku opposed him with the Ki Sui Army on his right, the Ba Nan Ji, Chou Ga Ryuu and Gaku Ei armies on his left, and his own army including Kin Mou and Kaine, Fu Tei and Gyou’un’s army in the center.

Qin’s Left Wing[]

The battle opens on Ri Boku’s right-wing with the 30,000 men strong Ki Sui Army advancing against the 5,000 men strong Gaku Ka Unit. Ki Sui moves his whole army to attack the Gaku Ka Unit Headquarters. But when he notices the lack of any response he stops his army and sends I Kei’s 1,000 cavalries to scout the enemy out. Ki Sui then receives reports that the scouts lost sight of half of the originally 5,000 men strong Gaku Ka Unit. He hears the rumblings of the missing 2,500 men of the Gaku Ka unit immediately afterward because Mou Ten leads them to attack his right flank. Therefore Ki Sui orders the right side of his army to face the incoming enemy and assume formation. Furthermore, he sends Kou Kaku’s 2,000 calvaries to loop around and strikes the enemy from behind. In response, Mou Ten retreats while the Kou Kaku Unit chases after them. During the chase Riku Sen suddenly appears on Kou Kaku’s left, killing Kou Kaku. The remnants of the Kou Kaku Unit then get slaughtered one after the other. Someone of the Kou Kaku Unit finally issues a retreat. But as the Kou Kaku Unit tries to retreat they get chased and cut down from behind in a one-sided manner.

Ba Tei angered by this development that took out 500 cavalry men charges the enemy and Ki Sui tries to call him back. Upon seeing Ba Tei, Mou Ten retreats again but Ba Tei continues his chase. A couple of wounded Gaku Ka Unit member is seen struggling to keep up with the rest of the unit while the Ba Tei unit is catching up to them. Mou Ten tries to give them some motivation but Ba Tei closes into the point that he can raise his oversized ax to kill them. At this very last moment Mou Ten’s adjutant Ko Zen appears with the other half of the Gaku Ku Unit blocking Ba Tei. When Mou Ten orders his men to circle back to Ba Tei’s rear to cut off his path of escape Ba Tei immediately kills the soldiers blocking him. Meanwhile, seeing how good the commander of the Qin left is, Ki Sui orders his entire army to change their formation to the right and attack the Gaku Ka Unit.

Unfortunately, this backfires spectacularly because the moment they switched formation to the right, the Ma Kou Army started attacking from the Ki Sui Army’s new left with consecutive wave attacks. Seeing how the Ma Kou Army’s wave attack left his army demoralized and their flank exposed, Ki Sui rallies his men and orders Ro Geki’s 1,000 cavalries to attack the Ma Kou Army’s third wave from the left and Ba Tei to take command of the 10,000 men sent to his aid earlier to hit the Ma Kou Army third wave from the right. With so much of his attention occupied by the Ma Kou Army assault, Ki Sui becomes nervous about the danger Mou Ten and the Gaku Ka Unit possess. He worries about them being hidden in the forest and having both the choice to attempt a Pincer Attack or strike them in the rear, either of which would deal a devastating blow. Ki Sui speculates that it was Ou Sen's eye for strategy, who might have envisioned the battle becoming like this from the start. The thought that Ou Sen already foresaw the initial 5,000 Gaku Ka Unit that originally baited Kisui would become the Qin true offense terrifies him.

While Ki Sui was getting pincered by the Gaku Ka Unit and the Ma Kou Army Ou Sen tasked Shin to take 800 men and cut between them to kill Ki Sui. As Shin and his 800 men charge the battlefield Shin has his men raise all flags high, so that friend and foe can see the strength of the Hi Shin Unit. The Hi Shin Unit charges through the Ki Sui Army's first line of defense and forces Ki Sui to order his men to dissolve the defense at his rear and send them to the final line of defense of his Headquarters. Ki Sui also sends the 200 men of Ryuu Tou’s Elite Honor Guard to stall the Hi Shin Unit to allow them to assume formation at the defensive line. The Hi Shin Unit then proceeds to make quick work of Ryuu Tou’s Elite Honor Guard. Mou Ten, who gets notified of the Hi Shin Unit’s appearance motivates his men to push through to kill Ki Sui before them. As soon as Ma Kou finds out about the appearance of the Hi Shin Unit, he also sends his remaining elite units to kill Ki Sui in one great wave so that he can still become the main star of the left battlefield.

Ki Sui who observes the field one last time before retreating sees Ma Kou's all-out attack in the front and the Hi Shin Unit which is about to break his last line of defense. When he is about to go, he hears the Gaku Ka Unit break through his defense in the rear. His soldiers then tell him to retreat but Ki Sui orders his men to focus all their resources on stopping the Hi Shin Unit and maintaining their current formation. At that moment, Ri Boku and a few hundred of his personal soldiers along with Kaine and Fu Tei appear from the forest on Ma Kou’s left. Ri Boku thrusts his sword straight through general Ma Kou's neck. In a final struggle, Ma Kou tries to kill the intruding Zhao general but instead gets his arm and head furiously cut down by Ri Boku.

Ki Sui then immediately orders his soldiers to spread the word of Ri Boku killing Ma Kou. Upon hearing this his soldiers get a huge morale boost and the Hi Shin Unit retreats to higher ground. When Shin gets a better view of the battle, he notices Ri Boku running away. Thus Shin makes a beeline for him. He and his unit catch up to Ri Boku who then decides to run away rather than fight. Although Shin and Kyou Kai give chase Ri Boku's party keeps getting further ahead because of the superior Ganmon stead horses. Shin starts to taunt Ri Boku who in response slows his horse to talk to Shin, although from a safe distance. While Shin and Ri Boku are busy talking they reach terrain with thicker forest. Na Ki, as well as Ka Ryo Ten, notice this, and Ka Ryo Ten asks Shin to stop chasing because Zhao surely has an ambush up ahead. Seeing the ambush up ahead Shin stops and tells Ri Boku to burn the sight of Shin holding Ou Ki's Glaive in his mind because he will kill him with that glaive. They separate again, with Ri Boku making his way back to the center army and Shin going back to the left. Coming back, Shin finds the Ma Kou Army getting crushed badly by the Zhao Army.

Upon Shin's arrival, Mou Ten who found Shin is happy to see him and says, that the two of them will resurrect the Ma Kou Army. Mou Ten and Shin then go to the Ma Kou Army Headquarters where they learn that all the advisors and tacticians died with Ma Kou. Mou Ten tells Chou You and Kou Jun that they are still able to mount a comeback. He explains that the Ma Kou Army is a force that has been tirelessly trained and trained again to build up each individual soldier’s strength. Mou Ten then says he plans on bringing their individual strength back in play by restoring their lost morale. Therefore Mou Ten sends messengers to go around the battlefield screaming that Ma Kou is still alive. The Zhao, of course, deny that claim, so Mou Ten has Shin and Riku Sen set up rallying points on the right and left flanks, to make an intact headquarters more believable to the men of the former Ma Kou army. Additionally, Mou Ten lets the messengers scream Ma Kou's signature catchphrase “STAND AND FIGHT” to convince the Ma Kou soldiers that Ma Kou is still alive and to restore their lost morale.

When Ba Tei sees that the Hi Shin Unit is at one of the rally points he charges them. But Mou Ten, knowing this would happen, had some of the Ma Kou Army in the center reinforce the left and right rallying points with most of the cavalry going to the Hi Shin Unit on the right. When the Hi Shin Unit sees Ba Tei charge them Shin and Kyou Kai drag the Ba Tei Army away while making use of their mobility. With the Ba Tei Army distracted Mou Ten uses the remaining of his 3,000 Gaku Ka Unit to reinforce Riku Sen on the left. He then has the headquarters relocated to Riku Sen, to save the left half of the Ma Kou Army, abandoning the others. Ki Sui realizing this might enable the Ma Kou army to save their headquarters charges Mou Ten’s position but failed to crush the headquarters.

At the end of the day, Ri Boku gets notified that Ki Sui had failed. Shin finds Mou Ten passed out on the ground and passes him the news that Mou Ten saved more of the Ma Kou Army than he originally planned. Later that evening a messenger from Qin’s center comes delivering praise from Ou Sen to Mou Ten for the achievement of saving the left-wing. Ou Sen therefore temporarily promotes Mou Ten to General for the duration of the campaign with total control over the left-wing. Upon hearing this Shin is relieved and returns to the center.

Qin’s Right Wing[]

For the longest time, I had thought there would be no other existence that I would curse as much as the Xiongnu, for they are a scourge that has ravaged the entirety of the northern reaches. All that changed when I accompanied Ri Boku-sama to Kanyou last year, and met with your King. Not only the northern reaches, but out whole state! And his ambitions do not end there, for your king shall raise armies to stamp out all of the six other states entirely! It is he that is truly a beast among beasts, clad in human skin! And you who would serve as his blades are no better!

Ba Nan Ji to Ou Hon and the Gyoku Hou Unit.

At the start of the first day the forces on Zhao's left-wing number 30,000 while the forces on Qin's right-wing number 25,000. The battle starts with the A Kou Army facing the attacking Gaku Ei Army evenly with 10,000 soldiers.

After the initial crash, the A Kou Army keeps charging forward even stepping over their own wounded soldiers as they began to overwhelm the Gaku Ei Army. Seeing this Gaku Ei charges at the Qin commander to stop their advance.

After seeing the first clash between the Gaku Ei and the A Kou Armies unfold, Chou Ga Ryuu and Ba Nan Ji conclude that the A Kou Army is not to be looked down upon because of their smaller numbers. Recognizing this Ba Nan Ji and his 10,000 men set out as well. Ba Nan Ji starts by splitting his forces into two groups. An attacking force of 3,000 that attacks the left flank of the A Kou Army's first wave and a distraction force of 7,000 that serves as a wall to prevent the A Kou Army second wave from helping the first. Upon seeing this Ou Hon and the Gyoku Hou Unit rush into the small gap between the first and second waves. Their target is Ba Nan Ji. Intending to cut in his army from the side, to isolate Ba Nan Ji riding in the front. A Kou uses that chance to tell Ei Gan to take overall command, while he himself takes 100 riders to pincer Ba Nan Ji between the Gyoku Hou Unit and himself to kill him. Ou Hon then leaves his unit to Kan Jou with the task to keep the enemy’s rear busy. He himself goes after Ba Nan Ji's head, now that Ba Nan Ji is isolated. While Ou Hon makes his way towards Ba Nan Ji, Ba Nan Ji suddenly appears in front of him killing multiple soldiers. Ba Nan Ji introduces himself and tells Ou Hon that he thinks the Qin king is a beast among beasts, clad in human skin, for raising armies to stamp out the six other states entirely. As Ba Nan Ji continues talking Ou Hon strikes his spear towards Ba Nan Ji's face resulting in Ba Nan Ji knocking it away. Ou Hon then responds with “The last 500 years have seen what originally was a 100 different states consolidate into the seven that stands today. You could say that given that trend, unification into one single nation is the “answer” that our history seeks……of course, I am fully aware that you also have your own reason for fighting. And it is because both of us remain unbending in our convictions that we stand here now on a battlefield, to settle with might what words alone cannot. Come, Ba Nan Ji. Today will be the day where I return you to the earth as one of the Qin’s King blades.

As Ou Hon and Ba Nan Ji are dueling, the young commander fires off multiple spear thrusts in short succession towards the old Zhao general who is therefore stuck on the defense. Ba Nan Ji 's soldiers then tell him to disengage because they are running out of time. Ba Nan Ji disagrees and throws his glaive at Ou Hon. Ou Hon blocks it but Ba Nan Ji grabs him by the wrist and throws him to the ground. With both men falling he is trying to punch Ou Hon with his fist, which he calls “Iron Hammer”. They separate and Ba Nan Ji's soldiers give him his glaive just in time to block the incoming strike from the mounted A Kou. Meanwhile, the Qin is attacked in their rear by Ba Nan Ji's distraction force from earlier, which was blocking the A Kou Army's second wave. Ba Nan Ji’s assault on the Qin’s left and Ou Hon and A Kou choosing to gather there has resulted in a large disparity in strength along the length of Qin’s line which allowed the Gaku Ei Army to catch their breath and mount a comeback.

2nd Day[]


The second day ended in a complete stalemate. The Ki Sui Army used a hard static approach spearheaded by Ba Tei attacking and Mou Ten countered those attacks softly. This would make Mou Ten the winner in terms of strategy, considering the Ki Sui Army had more soldiers.

Right Wing[]

A Kou sent his forces in the battle to start the 2nd day, but Chou Ga Ryuu sent his forces against Gyoku Hou Unit. They were stuck until Ou Hon had an idea. He sent his men retreating and got Ban You and charged upon Ba Nan Ji's attack. A Kou meanwhile sent his men to help Gyoku Hou but was faced by Ba Nan Ji.

Ou Hon attacks Ba Nan Ji's flanks, with A Ka Kin on the other flank. He offered to charge Chou Ga Ryuu's forces to give Ou Hon time to eliminate Ba Nan Ji, but only incapacitated the latter's army.

3rd Day[]

Right Wing[]

Ri Boku starts the day by sending the mysterious general known as Gyou’un to the Zhao’s left. Along with Chou Ga Ryuu, Rin Shou Jo's other deputy he brings their master's last words regarding the very plains that stand on today. Led by their elite soldiers the Rai’un Unit, The Gyou’un Army starts the battle as attacking the A Kou Army. Along with Gaku Ei's army, the A Kou Army starts to nearly collapse, Ou Hon seeing this went with some of the Gyoku Hou Unit to assist A Kou while leaving Kan Jou and the rest to guard Ba Nan Ji. When Ou Hon went to attack the Gyou’un Army flanks he realized they set up a trap for him. He ordered his men to retreat but Ban You got left behind surrounded by Zhao. Ou Hon tried to save him but he was too far away. When Ban You was about to die Shin and Kyou Kai arrived with cavalry, killing the Rai’un Unit attacking Ban You. Shin told Ou Hon that at the moment he only had about a few dozen cavalries with him and the rest will arrive later so they had to work together side by side to get out of this situation. As Shin and Ou Hon attacked the Rai’Un Unit some of Zhao forces tried to attack their flank but Kyou Kai and her unit killed them. When Gyou’un notices that Zhao’s momentum had stopped he was going to leave to kill Shin and Ou Hon personally but the rest of the Hi Shin Unit arrived which caused him to stop. The whole Hi Shin Unit, including the Kyou Kai Unit, totaling 8,000 men started demoralizing the Zhao with the “Army” size. Shin told Ou Hon that Ou Sen won’t be sending any more troops to their position, leaving them to fight on their own. With this Shin went back to his unit with a loud rise of morale.

Due to the Hi Shin Unit's appearance, the attack on the A Kou Army is stopped. Using the opportunity A Kou then quickly re-organizes his formations and Ou Hon heads back to the Gyoku Hou Unit while giving some warning to Shin on his new opponents. Gyou’un notices some Hi Shin Unit members trembling in the back sent a heavy cavalry charge, hitting Kan To's position. Kan To and his fellow rookies were struggling until Sou Jin starts to cover them with his archery skills to kill some horsemen. Kan To although wounded by a horse stomp rallies his fellow rookies which allowed all of them to turn it around and start killing the Zhao calvary. Noticing their fires reletting, the Zhao tried to escape due to the damage they taken but fail to notice that they were suddenly surrounded by Suu Gen and the rest of  Hi Shin Unit infantry.

10,000 Gyou’un Army vs 8,000 Hi Shin Unit was in attrition attack, where Shou Sa, En, Hai Rou, Bi Hei, and Ga Ro was in mess. Ka Ryo Ten was in mess at tactics, when Shin and Kyou Kai when he knew what Gyou'un's move was about, that he is an Instinctual type, like Shin. He decided to take over the command field.

The ensuing battle between Gyou’un and Shin are swinging towards one another, for example, En, Gaku Rai, Bi Hei, Kyo Gai, and Ga Ro are in pinch, while So Sui, Na Ki, and Na Ki Clan have wiped their opponents, when Shin sensed that there is something, so he sent Kyou Kai and her Kyou Kai Unit and his reserves on En's position while taking the HQ's cavalry unit to face Gyou'un himself.

As the battle between Hi Shin Unit and Gyou’un Army's bulk is fighting, Shin and Gyou’un faced each other. They started insulting and taunting each other while trading blows, the former telling the latter to stay home if he cannot move on with Rin Shou Jo's death, while the latter insults Shin for being lucky when Ou Ki's Glaive fell on his hands. Shin snapped and landed a blow upon Gyou’un, but only made a little effect on the latter.

While Shin and Gyou'un were dueling, Ka Ryo Ten was thinking of En's position, which was steadily decreasing, until Kyou Kai and her own Kyou Kai Unit made a tactical decision, in which So Sui and the Kaku Bi Unit funnels the left, she approached Ga Ro to do the same, which made the latter call Gaku Rai while Kai and her forces are in the center.

The Gyou'un Army and Hi Shin Unit's respective infantry clash!!

Kyou Kai herself led the attritional battle on her position, resting only to recover her stamina. But at the end of the day, Shin just made a draw with Gyou'un when Hai Rou arrived. Shin tried to chase Gyou'un but fainted. When the latter went to the area where he posted his men, he found Kyou Kai standing among Zhao corpses, remembering someone on Qin's Six Greats.

The third day ended with stalemates, Hi Shin Unit taking casualties, but repelled Gyou'un. Shin and Kyou Kai lying side by side in a tent due to their exhaustion. While Ba Nan Ji, Chou Ga Ryuu, and Gyou'un were resting. The latter saw the potentials of Ou Hon, Shin, Kyou Kai, and Mou Ten. Meanwhile, a report from Gyou arrived. That the city is running out of supplies that are limited to 20 days, as so Ou Sen Army that only limits their supplies for 10 days. Ri Boku just made a decision that Gyou will hold within 10 days.

4th-8th Day[]

The days are reduced to just a staring contest, while the Zhao waits for the Qin's supplies to run out.

9th Day[]

Right Wing[]

A Kou has a meeting with Shin, Ka Ryo Ten, Ou Hon, Ban You, and his adjunct Gu Nei to think of a plan to deal with Zhao. Shin and Ou Hon argue about plundering the Zhao cities of their food. Ou Hon also mentions striking Zhao's left commanders one by one starting with Gaku Ei. A Kou agrees and commanded both Hi Shin Unit and Gyoku Hou Unit to strike him and his whole army down, while A Kou fends off the other three. Later Ri Boku called Ba Nan Ji to tell him the A Kou Army weakness.

The fight started as A Kou Army took on the 3 Zhao Armies led by Ba Nan Ji, Gyou'un, and Chou Ga Ryuu. A Kou then used a tactic focused on full defense that he learned from Ou Sen. Meanwhile, the Hi Shin Unit charged Gaku Ei from the front while the Gyoku Hou Unit waited behind them to attack Gaku Ei left flank. Upon seeing the Hi Shin Unit position in front of them the Gaku Ei Army, which was still enraged upon Kei Sha's death mounted a ferocious to avenge Kei Sha.

As Ten watched the Gaku Ei Army charged she realized she underestimated them. As their rage for Kei Sha's death made them fight at berserk's pace, pushing Kyou Kai Unit, Kaku Bi Unit, and Shou Sa back. Seeing this the Gyoku Hou Unit made their move while Shin also alongside Hi Hyou Unit moved as well.

While the A Kou Army defended against the three armies. Ba Nan Ji with help from Ri Boku earlier advice started to attack certain areas of A Kou’s defensive formation when A Kou notice Ba Nan Ji beating his formation he tried to switch it but Gyou'un made his attacks preventing the switch which broke the defense of the A Kou Army.

While Ba Nan Ji gets closer to the Qin Headquarters A Kou himself set out to kill Ba Nan Ji before Gyou’un could reach them. Gu Nei then set out to stall Gyou’un for A Kou. While Gu Nei stalls Gyou'un the Gyoku Hou Unit attacks Gaku Ei's side with Shin and the Hi Hyou Unit themselves face Gaku Ei head-on. Later Gu Nei tries to send a message to A Kou to run away because he’s overmatched against Gyou'un. Gu Nei then charged Gyou’un and was easily killed. Gyou’un kept going and upon seeing the Qin general, he and Ba Nan Ji swung their glaives at A Kou who was in between them.

Demonstrating his sheer impressive martial prowess, A Kou parries the two attacks and does his best to hold his own against both Gyou'un and Ba Nan Ji, inflicting some damages in a 2-on-1 duel. While the Gyoku Hou Unit gets pressured by the Gaku'ei Army, a messenger requested for Ou Hon to assist A Kou. He reluctantly accepted, leaving Kan Jou to defend against Gaku Ei's men until Shin kills Gaku Ei. As the 2-on-1 duel continues, A Kou weathers their combo attack bravely and manages to break Ba Nan Ji’s helmet which also gives him a new scar across his temple. Ba Nan Ji then swings his glaive out of reflex breaking A Kou’s own helmet knocking him unconscious and as Gyou’un was about to deliver the final blow to the general, A Ka Kin appears and attacks him with his throwing knives which momently distracts him. Then Ba Nan Ji and Gyou’un swung at A Kou together but A Ka Kin threw some knives at Ba Nan Ji's dominant hand which caused him to nearly missed A Kou and instead of killing the horse instead. While A Ka Kin dodged Gyou'un's attack and grabbed A Kou.

As A Ka Kin with A Kou and their forces ran away with Gyou’un and Ba Nan Ji right behind them, the Gyoku Hou Unit and their leader Ou Hon arrived to help save the general of the center army. Ou Hon used his Dragon's Nest technique on Gyou’un, knocking him away for a while. The spear master was then forced to block a killing strike from Ba Nan Ji, and his Gyoku Hou unit had to cover the retreat until the A Kou army could react and isolate the two Zhao Generals from their men and slaughter them. At the same time, however, Chou Ga Ryuu planned a coup to take down Ka Ryo Ten's position. Gaku Ei and Shin faced each other in a bitter duel as Gaku Ei was nearly driven berserk by his unquenchable thirst for revenge against Shin since it was the young captain who had killed Gaku Ei's master, Kei Sha. Shin focused on the lessons learned from Ou Ki (and some might argue that he even channeled the general's spirit only for a brief moment), slashing through Gaku Ei like he was made of butter. Such a powerful blow sent a shockwave that was also felt by Hou Ken, prompting him to immediately set out to find its source.

As Gaku Ei's body fells to the dirt, his men were utterly shocked and dismayed, and the battle quickly became one-sided. The Qin celebration was short-lived, being cut short when Chou Ga Ryuu's forces were noticed coming up to Ka Ryo Ten's position, forcing her to command a full retreat using the Kyou Kai Unit as rearguard. With Gaku Ei's men too scared to chase them, Shin also decided to halt his advance and help his retreating comrades. It is worth noting that during the moment that Shin focused to slash through Gaku'ei was also felt by Hou Ken.

10th Day[]

Right Wing[]

Despite efforts to send messages to Ou Sen, he declined to send any more troops or backup. They were reduced to collapsing defensive measures, and both the Gyoku Hou and Hi Shin Units were chewed up by Zhao attacks, and the absence of a commanding officer after A Kou was incapacitated during the last day's fighting.

The day ends with nothing either gained or lost. A Kou Army just fought with full morale through their commander was incapacitated. However, the army wanted Ou Hon to take over the right wing's command. But Ou Sen declined it. Shin overheard Kan Jou and Ban You talk about Ou Hon, which shocked Shin to discover that Ou Sen suspected that Ou Hon was not his son.

Ban You told Shin all of the stories, despite Kan Jou's reluctance. Meanwhile, So Sui told Ka Ryo Ten that the right wing's supplies were running out.

11th Day[]

Right Wing[]

The 11th day started when Hi Shin Unit, hungry and tired, were facing Zhao troops when Ou Hon's men were charging through, which made Shin move out too.

The 11th day ended with nothing but a back and forth battle, but Qin's right side's rations were running out and A Kou was still unconscious. Ou Hon himself was fighting, and Shin charged, but only went through the line before the day ends.

Night came, and Ten was struggling with her tactics when Ou Hon approached Shin and talked about 'awakening' their men, but both of them have no idea on that. And Ou Sen, despite the messenger's pleas, declined on either command, reinforcements, and supplies.

12th Day[]

Right Wing[]

The 12th day started and their men were organizing. Their men almost sapped out of their strength, used the opportunity to greet their individual men. Shin and Hon started the lines with an inspirational message, Hon's were about their rise from nothing that made his men arise, while Shin started his speech about when they kill Fuu Ki and Ryuu Sen was too nervous on the plan, at the end of the speech, Shin charged through with the rest of his men. Shin's suffered casualties from disarrayed charges. Hon's men started making way for their master. A Ka Kin forced the A Kou Army's lieutenant to charge too.

Hi Shin Unit, despite disarrayed, used that as their advantage. While Kan To's group was stalled, they were saved by Kaku Bi Unit's cavalry. When the enemy archers took aim on the horsemen, Suu Gen appeared from behind and killed the archers. Then Zhao tried to charge through with cavalry on Kan To's position, they used Kyou Kai's Gouriki to stop them, and Shou Sa killed the stunned cavalry. Shou Sa commended the rookies, then talked about what Shin does to them. They did so much damage against Chou Ga Ryuu's men, that he decided to withdraw his men, and sent messages to Ba Nan Ji and Gyou'un to fall back.

While Gyou'un was busy on Gyoku Hou Unit, he received the message and forced himself to retreat. Ba Nan Ji too took the message and retreated from A Kou Army's sight. Ka Ryo Ten used the moment to command the unit to charge through to match up Ou Sen Army's pace.

The night of the 12th day ended of all Zhao's left-wing retreating to the center. The night went on, as usual. But instead of lining up for rations, Shin commanded their squadron commanders to give the last rations themselves. Shin gave the officer's rations himself and gave a morale booster.


The 12th day started when Mou Ten's combined Gaku Ka Unit and remnants of the Ma Kou Army put themselves into a grinding stalemate. Ba Tei charged upon his HQ, which he charged to intercept.


Ou Sen took the news of the right wing's victory. He commanded his own men to move his men into the night.

Ri Boku organized his officers to prepare for the center battle and send Kaine to give hints and tips to left wings commanders.

Night at Zhao lines was easy, as Kaine was given instructions upon the wing commanders. But Gyou'un warned her that her loyalty to Ri Boku was too much like his and Ga Ryuu's loyalty to Rin Shou Jo and hopes that she will not suffer the fate that they suffered, that the young woman rebuffed.

13th Day[]


Ou Sen moves his men carefully, while Den Ri Mi thinks why Sen deliberately abandoned the right-wing. Sou Ou commended his leader for awakening the two units, but Sen only expected Shin's unit to awaken, while his son's, he just gambled on it. Despite it, he knew that Zhao's right will not easily be defeated by the likes of Shin and Hon, but he knew the right-wing will take the victory.

Meanwhile, on Zhao lines, Ri Boku and Ga Ryuu had the same idea, crippling one of the two will cripple the right-wing, the duo decided on Ou Hon and his Gyoku Hou Unit.

Right Wing[]

On the right-wing, Shin and Ou Hon moved their units across the field, fighting both sides, until news that Hon was lost.

As per Ri Boku's plan, Gyou'un charged upon Hon while Gaku Ei's own men charge to Shin's position independently. Alongside Gyou'un, his Rai'un Unit was charging, Ban You and Kan Jou tried to halt them, but the 10 Spears, handpicked spearmen charged through the HQ. While Shin was busy fighting Chou Ga Ryuu's men, a detachment of the fallen Gaku Ei's men charged through Kyou Kai Unit.

Gyou'un breached Gyoku Hou's HQ, he and his men deal with Hon while other members trap Gyoku Hou's men. Kan Jou sensed something wrong, so he went to his master. Ban You also sensed it, but he was halted by Chou ga Ryuu himself. Kan Jou broke through, telling his master to flee while he used himself as a shield and only shielded his spear against the slash. But his master returned and saved him. He stabbed Gyou'un's arm while his men guarded the sides, but the man returned fire and slashed him unconscious. They fell back, Kyuu Kou sacrificing himself. After the deed, Chou Ga Ryuu and others retreated.

The night ends with Ou Hon unconscious. Shin and Kyou Kai went to the Gyoku Hou's HQ. Kyou Kai went in, and Shin tasked Kan Jou and Ban You to discuss defeating Zhao's left-wing.

Moments later, Dan Sa and A Ka Kin arrived at Hi Shin Unit's HQ, En and Ban You, and Kan Jou followed. En shocked the unit on the news. Shin, the remaining commander on the right-wing, will take over both A Kou Army and Gyoku Hou Unit as temporary commander, making Hi Shin Unit as their HQ.

14th Day[]

Right Wing[]

The Hi Shin Unit prepared for the battle. Ten was nervous about her tactics when Kai jokingly groped her, as both Kai and Shin replied they were serious about what's happening.

Meanwhile, Chou Ga Ryuu noticed the changes and declared that it is the end of the right-wing.

The battle started earlier than expected, with En and Shou Sa in charge of tactics and strategies, and saving as many savable men, while letting others deliberately to their fates. While the Gyoku Hou faces Gyou'un's army with Ban You as commander.

The Hi Shin Unit fought individually, saving only those tactically savable, while isolated and beyond salvation were left to their fates. Suu Gen's unit, Kaku Bi Unit, and Hi Hyou Unit were acted like weapons. They are faced against Chou Ga Ryuu's army. En and Shou Sa acts as tacticians on the field.

The push of the Hi Shin Unit was steady. While both A Kou Army and Gyoku Hou Unit defends the flanks against Ba Nan Ji Army and the remnants of Gaku Ei's army and the Gyou'un Army, respectively. But there is a problem, Kan To and others were trapped within Zhao ranks. Shou Sa went to save them. While on A Kou Army's side, A Ka Kin made a move against Ba Nan Ji. On the Gyoku Hou Unit's side, Ban You went and faced Gyou'un Army's Rai'un Unit.

Shou Sa tried to rescue Kan To's group, trapped within Zhao soldiers. They succeeded, but Shou Sa collapsed.

Shin got close to where Chou Ga Ryuu's HQ is. But the Zhao general tasked two of his elite commanders to flank Shin's cavalry. But Shin, chose to duel with the duo, killing one. But the noose was tightening, and Shin's cavalry was cut down, Kyou Kai and her unit and Na Ki Clan arrived. Kai marked and eliminated elites.

Chou Ga Ryuu was forced to retreat, losing some of his best men as a result. But Kyou Kai was exhausted and others were near depletion too. Naki went on to volunteer as a scout to chase Chou Ga Ryuu. But there is bad news, Shou Sa was critical, and Shin arrived in time for the spearman to die in his arms. The report shocked Ten and she regrets putting him to his death, but his sacrifice lowered their casualties. Shin and the rest of the front went on to chase Chou Ga Ryuu and caught up with him. Meanwhile, Gyou'un, seemingly his arm got pale, wonders why Ga Ryuu was cornered like a rat.

On the field, both Shin and Ga Ryuu was engaged in a duel. Meanwhile, both A Kou Army and Gyoku Hou Unit tried their best to hold as many of their respective enemies in their place, but they were dodged by some of them, then the enemies attack Hi Shin Unit's HQ. The duel ended with Shin eliminating Chou Ga Ryuu.

Meanwhile, Ka Ryo Ten after hearing the news went on to abandon the HQ and assist A Ka Kin and the A Kou Army in sandwiching Ba Nan Ji Army. The latter retreated but lost half of their men. Later that night, they rested and ate, when they receive news that they will attack the Center alongside Ou Sen Army, bypassing the left-wing of Zhao. Meanwhile, Gyou'un decided to take over command the next day. And Ou Hon woke up from his sleep.


Both Ou Sen and Ri Boku has the same set in mind, if one of them reinforce their sides, they will suffer a frontal attack. So they were on a deadlock. But after hearing the news, both of them are thinking of something.

Both of them decided that the 15th day will be the decisive moment, as Ou Sen and Ri Boku were thinking of taking each other out.


As Ma Kou Army and Gaku Ka Unit rested for the night, Mou Ten visits his men. After he leaves, Hou Ken appears and killed some of the sentries, Ko Zen tried to halt him, but to no avail. Then, Hou Ken left as soon as he's done disrupting the area.

15th Day[]


Mou Ten focuses his troops on locking down the Ki Sui Army into place at all costs, preventing them from reinforcing the center of the Shukai Plains. To that end, he temporarily overcomes all the grief of having lost one of his most trusted vassals in a surprise attack conducted by Hou Ken at the command tent during the night, who was searching for Shin, the captain of the Hi Shin unit at the Qin's Right Wing. Meanwhile, Ki Sui also plans to fully commit to stopping Mou Ten's forces from interfering with the center. Ki Sui, later on, retreats, covering Ri Boku's escape.

Right Wing[]

After the Right Wing was warned about the Hou Ken's activity at the Left Wing, Kyou Kai approached Shin concerned with his security as he had not yet recovered from the injury suffered by the spear of Jo Rin, the day before. While Shin agreed to her assessment, he was also aware of the crucial role they had to play in the battle to achieve victory over the enemy, so they charged right onwards nonetheless. Among the Zhao, Ba Nan Ji sees the enemy's momentum and decides to retreat, but Gyou'un rallies the Chou Ga Ryuu's army using the Ten Spears as his lieutenants, and engages both the Hi Shin and Gyoku Hou Units savagely; an injured Shin was taking cover behind a pack of strong warriors from the Hi Hyou Unit used the opportunity to push forward trying to reach the center, while the also injured Ou Hon rose from his bed determined to face Gyou'un in single combat. Despite the momentum of the Hi Shin's charge, the attackers themselves were nearing exhaustion, and under the leadership of the Ten Spears, their opponents were not easily broken. Not only that, but as soon as the Ten Spears identified where Shin was, they set out to claim his head pressuring the Hi Hyou to the point that even experienced commanders were struggling for their lives - Ga Ro himself could have easily perished under the third spear, Heishuu, if not by the timely intervention of Sou Jin's arrow. Hon took the blow from Gyou'un's glaive, breaking his mount's leg bones and tendons, then Hon countered with a spear thrust in his body. Before dying, he tasked both Hon and Shin with his last words. After the battle, they raised the Hi Shin Unit's standard, despite Hon's men's protests. They prepared for attacking the center. Na Ki and his clan were sent as scout and diversion to sniff out traps, which in the form of Kin Mou and his own army, relocated at the Zhao's left-wing and placed at the mountains. While Na Ki finished the job, Hi Shin Unit and all the rest charged on, with Kin Mou's men at their side ready for attacking them, as Ba Nan Ji retreated at the center flanks. Dan Sa and A Kou Army remnants blocking the rear, while Hi Shin Unit was charging through. Kin Mou and his army were blocking the advance. A Ka Kin was tasked to take half the army and assist him. They arrived and assisted the unit in pushing. Kin Mou tried to fight him, to prevent another cowardice to happen after Shin killed 2 leaders he saw. But his men made him relent and made him retreat. The pincer was tightened when they arrived on Ri Boku's HQ. Kin Mou, discovered why the Hi Shin Unit has this kind of momentum, he decided to charge along with a small unit, not to attack Shin, but to target Ka Ryo Ten. He successfully injures the strategist and nearly kills her. Suddenly, Sou Jin helps her escape by killing all of the chasers but got himself at the mercy of Kin Mou's men, when Sou Tan, gathered all his courage, shoots through the others. Kin Mou tries to kill her, but Sou Tan shoots through many times until Kin Mou dies. Meanwhile, the Hi Shin Unit has pushed all the way towards Ri Boku's central HQ with 100-man commander Kyo Gai and many other members of the unit closing in but suddenly, like shark's fin in a sea of blood, a giant glaive descends and cleaves in half multiple soldiers including Kyo Gai himself, who dies while thinking of his captain. Oozing with an aura of intense bloodlust and rage, Hou Ken the Bushin finally makes his appearance before the unit for the first time in five years since the Battle of Sai, upon seeing him the Hi Hyou Unit members instantly remember their beloved former's lord, Duke Hyou's death at his hands and unflinchingly charge at the calamity intending to kill him but are all instantly killed instead. After yelling at them to stop throwing their lives away, So Sui notices Ga Ro and Gaku Rai intending to do the same and they tell him that man who killed their lord and master is right in front of them and how could they not fill the need to kill him. But as both of them are charging they stop in their tracks after hearing a familiar and certain song and suddenly Kyou Kai appears already using her Priestess Dance and wounds the Bushin. She proceeds to apologize to Ryokusui and tells her beloved blade that they will be using Everything she can to stop the Bushin from fighting Shin and killing any more of her comrades. Putting herself to the utmost limit of her dance and crossing the Hakuryou/Soul Territory, Kyou Kai begins her duel with the living calamity but after giving him a great number of wounds and even cutting off his dominant hand's ring and pinky fingers she was beaten by him and thrown aside after getting knock out by his brutal attack but she is caught and saved by Shin, who finally makes his appearance. His duel with Hou Ken was so intense, that all pleas for the retreat were ignored by Ri Boku. In the end, Shin broke Hou Ken's glaive, and slashes through him, killing Hou Ken. But Shin collapsed, so the unit stopped moving, Ri Boku escaped with that opportunity, A Ka Kin pursued him. Shin fell unconscious, halting their advance. He later regained consciousness, in time where they reorganize to chase after Ri Boku.


Ou Sen declared that this would be the last day of battle and that he had made preparations for it. Initially, the Great General ordered two units to prepare for battle: Sou Ou and Den Ri Mi. While Ri Boku also prepared his own men. Den Ri Mi started charging through the middle, but his every attack was repulsed by a weird, but sturdy defense. Ri Boku was content being defensive until news from Gyou made him decide to set out and eliminate the center army, shifting his stance and pushing the Qin back with ease. Ou Sen, intrigued by this unorthodox tactics, commanded a test of their skill by ordering a thousand of his cavalry led by Shi Ryou to be unleashed upon the Zhao. The big woman charged through Earl Kou's positions, but she sensed something was wrong, as the Zhao did not react normally to her onslaught. Her hunch proved to be right, as Sou Ou and Den Ri Mi's positions are overwhelmed by the Zhaon in every front. Hence, Ou Sen decided to use himself as a trump card and moved into the fighting with all the 10,000 men at his disposal.

In the battle ensued, Ou Sen commanded his officers not to use any complex tactics, correctly deducing that such approach was completely ineffective against the hybrid army that Ri Boku had trained (a mix of both strategical and instinctual of troops). Instead, he commanded that his men should rely only on the good old straightforward confrontation, and to the surprise of everyone, he managed to force the Zhao into a stalemate. Earl Rai tried to take advantage of the situation by spreading his troops and flanking Ou Sen's forces, but his attacks were easily repelled like Ou Sen could predict and counter their every moves with just a few adjustments. Ou Sen then began to force his way west in order to join with Den Ri Mi's army, causing chaos on the battlefield. It was from that chaos that he forged his Great Red Crane formation, as the Zhao were still completely off balance. Using Den Ri Mi's army as the center while his personal troops formed the right-wing of a crane and Sou'ou's forces formed the left-wing, allowing the Qin to gain the upper hand on the field since Zhao units still remained disorganized.

Ou Sen moved his HQ to the rear of Den Ri Mi's and appeared in a clearing at the middle of the two clashing collectives of men as Ri Boku did the same. The Zhao general offered to allow the Qin to surrender and abandon the campaign to take Gyou, while Ou Sen informed Ri Boku of the futility of his quest to protect Zhao as even those above are undercutting his efforts. Ou Sen then surprised everyone once again, asking Ri Boku to join him in the creation of their own kingdom, that would surpass every other nation in terms of strength and achievements. Ri Boku obviously declined, calling Ou Sen the biggest fool in all the land, leading the Qin General to give his signal to charge. The following battle was still quite back-and-forth, but for as long as the stalemate persisted, the greater was Ou Sen's advantage, as Shin and the rest of the right-wing closes in on the center - and although his officials show concern, Ri Boku had great confidence that Kin Mou and his army could ambush and stop the Hi Shin on their tracks (as they later did).

As the Zhao Left-Wing collapses with the death of Gyou'un and the retreat of Ba Nan Ji, the Hi Shin Unit went after Ri Boku's HQ in the center as they spot the ambush prepared by Kin Mou and his men, but are unable to push through them nonetheless. Their stalemate only lasts until A Ka Kin leaves Dan Sa's position in the rear to reinforce the vanguard of the Hi Shin Unit. At the same time, back in the center filed, Shi Ryou's unit also manages to force their way through the Zhao and (to Kaine's desperation), they are poised to strike at Ri Boku's HQ as well. Shi Ryou is, however, halted by Hou Ken who reappeared on the battlefield to seek an audience with Ri Boku. Despite all warnings from her companions, Shi Ryou arrogantly decides to take out Hou Ken alone, but his very screams of rage paralyze her horse and avoid a confrontation between the two. At this point, Hou Ken's intervention had bought enough time so that the Zhao could recover their defensive formations and drive the Qin back for a while.

In the middle of all this pressure, in seemingly futile movement, Ri Boku commanded Fu Tei's unit to slip through the gaps in enemy formations and hit Ou Sen's HQ. Fu Tei and a few hundred cavalrymen men passed right between Den Ri Mi and Sou'Ou's armies, as both commanders decided to ignore them due to their meager numbers. However, Fu Tei wasn't the main attack force, but rather an auxiliary attack to Ba Nan Ji, commander of the survivors of Zhao's Left Wing. As it turns out, right after the death of general Chou Ga Ryuu, Ba Nan Ji and Gyou'un had been instructed to fall back and let the Qin go for the Zhao HQ at the center, so they could strike them at the rear and wipe them out, as Kin Mou blocked their path. Zhao's plan had been ultimately foiled when Gyou'un decided to act independently and go for an all-out attack on the Qin, which eventually led to his death at the hands of Ou Hon, and the scattering of his troops. At that moment, as Ba Nan Ji had withdrawn from the field, the Qin Right Wing went after Ri Boku's head but not before leaving Dan Sa and his men guarding their rear against Ba Nan Ji's forces. Meanwhile, back in the vanguard of the center battlefield, Sou'Ou's and Shi Ryou's renewed advances towards Ri Boku's HQ were being blocked by Earl Kou himself.

The Zhao expected counterattack by Ba Nan Ji against the Qin Right Wing never came, however, as Ba Nan Ji merely left a skeleton force to distract Dan Sa and moved the bulk of his forces south, using the thick forest as a cover. His quick northern cavalry was able to surprise the Qin, and he used this element to assault Ou Sen's HQ head-on. As a man even the Xiongnu called a "Demon", Ba Nan Ji begins to demonstrate his true strength (which exceeded even Ou Sen's predictions) when the Qin retreat path was cut off by Kou Tou's unit. To complicate matters even further, while awaiting the imminent arrival of Ba Nan Ji, the Qin HQ was dealing with some of Fu Tei's men who had climbed the hill in which the Great General stood, forcing Ou Sen himself to take out his glaive and sever some heads.

In response to these developments, Ou Sen decided to head down the hill and focus his attention on Fu Tei's troops. It was not long, however, until the Ba Nan Ji's army opened up a path to where Ou Sen was pinned down by Fu Tei, and as a couple of Dojaku soldiers attacked the General of Qin, his son Ou Hon arrived at the scene in the nick of time to dispatched them. Despite his wounds and being completely exhausted, Ou Hon and a small handful of his Gyoku Hou's most trusted men had chased after Ba Nan Ji and his army arrived at the HQ shortly after them, although they were unable to impact the outcome of the battle in any way. As the old soldier of Ganmon and Fu Tei closed in, Ou Hon was addressed as a fool by his supreme commander, for coming to his rescue with such paltry numbers while being wounded.

However, the Qin's HQ finally got some relief when the Gaku Ka Unit suddenly appears from the flank, clearing a path of escape to general Ou Sen by eliminating the men of Zhao under Kou Tou's leadership. The Gaku Ka had drifted away from Qin's Left Wing while chasing Ba Tei and his unit but decided to abandon their pursuit and come to Ou Sen's HQ based on Mou Ten's hunch that something was off. Witnessing the turning of the tide, Fu Tei quickly makes his move to collect Ou Sen's head but is violently repelled by Ou Hon's spear strike. Thanking his comrade, Mou Ten then uses his momentum to charge straight towards Ba Nan Ji, surprising the old general with his unorthodox fighting style as he blocks and rides the power of his glaive strike. And later shocks everyone present as he blinds the Demon of Ganmon in his right eye with his sword slash, crippling his dominant side while saving himself from the Zhao general's second attack by pulling his horse's reins just in the nick of time. After successfully and momently saving his supreme commander, Mou Ten immediately orders Ou Sen's personal bodyguards to focus on killing on Ba Nan Ji to weaken his army and every other soldier on protecting General Ou Sen with their lives while the Qin's right-wing continues their pincer attack on Ri Boku's HQ. Back towards the other side of the battle, Shi Ryou begins her duel with Earl Kou and overwhelms the old general with her powerful swordsmanship as she cuts him down, shocking his soldiers and the nearby Kaine Unit. Seeing as their HQ is even closer to danger, Kaine vows to stop Shi Ryou with her life as she and her personal unit closes in from the front. Back towards the Zhao HQ on the Left-Wing, Ri Boku finds himself sweating slightly as the Hi Shin Unit gets ever closer to his HQ as they blow through Kin Mou's Army thanks to Ka Ryo Ten's offensive tactics overwhelming the Zhao general's defense maneuvers. Finding himself between a rock and a hard place, Kin Mou sweats as he is unable to stop their powerful charge. But suddenly realizes something as he notices that Ka Ryo Ten herself was on the battlefield and remembers Chikushin's last words to him. Taking charge of a small unit, he declares to his personal soldiers that he figured out a way of stopping the Hi Shin Unit!! Meanwhile, on the battlefield, the archer brothers Sou Jin and Sou Tan continue giving sniping support with the rest of the Archery unit. With his hands bloody from the constant firing of arrows, Sou Tan begs his older brother to rest or at least wrap with a bandage. Refusing to bother as it would just get undone, they notice a unit of enemy weaving through with their small numbers.

The young commander is sent flying after barely blocking the warrior woman's strike, Ba Tei appears and catches her and proceeds to tell her must fall back to the main HQ while he deals with Shi Ryou and her unit. After seeing the loss of Hou Ken at his right, he decided to fall back and attack Kan Ki's position in Gyou, ordering his men to follow him at his new objective.

Ri Boku decides to fully retreat and lift the siege at Gyou. And the Ou Sen Army chases after them.


After failing to stop the Ou Sen Army, Ri Boku decides to retreat and attack Kan Ki Army in order to relieve their siege around Gyou, while the Ou Sen Army, Hi Shin, Gyoku Hou, and Gaku Ka Units give chase, with only 1/5th of their men, which is mostly composed of Sou Ou, his army, and calvary from each of the young commanders' units. They arrived towards Gyou on the 18th day, however, it was too late and the refugees broke the city gates and Gyou was taken by Kan Ki Army.