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Battle at Gecchi Plains
Battle at Gecchi Plains Cover.png

Qin Commanders:

Wei Commanders:


50,000 Qin + 70,000 Wei

80,000 Juuko soldiers + 30,000 reinforcements




  • Victory of Qin-Wei Alliance.
  • Ju Ko Ou is captured by Great General, Tou and becomes a prisoner of war.
  • Juuko City is taken by the Armies of Wei.

The Battle at Gecchi Plains is a battle that took place in 235 B.C. between Qin-Wei alliance led by Great Generals Mou Bu and Go Hou Mei and Chu army led by general Man U.


The battle took place at Gecci Plains close to Juuko City.[1]


In exchange for helping Wei to conquer Juuko City Qin proposed a three years old alliance. Mou Bu Army of 30,000 was the first to arrive on the battlefield and clashed with Man U Army. Half a day later 20,000 reinforcements of Tou Army arrived while Chu was aided by Kou Yoku Army and Haku Rei Army of 30,000 strong. Due to that Qin found themselves on big disadvantage and wanted to retreat, however, that changed when the unexpected arrival of Wei army numbering up 70,000 strong men. With the new turn of event, the CHU army, 110,000 men, against the Qin-Wei alliance of 120,000 men, begins.

The Battle[]

Due to the hastily drawn up nature of the Qin-Wei alliance, the two sides considered a pincer attack, minimizing any potential overlap that could potentially resulted a discord that could arise from former enemies meeting one another on the field. In response, Chu's forces had deployed themselves in a way that only exposed one side of their formation to fighting, that is, which the exception of Sen To Un Army that believed themselves to be invincible.[2] Sen to Un clashed with Roku O Mi and pushed him back with his first attack. However, the duel was interrupted by Ran Bi Haku who blindly attacked both generals at the same time.[3]

Ryuu Han, Jun Ei and Ba Kai simultaneously engaged against Gen U and Haku Rei, successfully-pushing through their first line thanks to Go Hou Mei's tactics. Gen U decided to withdraw his first line and halt the enemy at second line. Mou Ki was astonished that Wei were able to push the enemy so swiftly. However, Qin soon overpowered Chu's first line thanks to the might of Mou Bu and Tou. In response to this Ju Ko Ou dispatched 1000 men to Gen U's rear and Kou Yoku to deal with Tou. Qin and Wei's aggressive momentum were stopped by the time time they reach second line defense of Man U Army and Gen U Army, which were made entirely of elite units. Caught off guard, Gen U used this moment to approach Bakai's HQ and slayed general Ba Kai with one swing before Bakai could swing his glaive. [4]

With the death of Ba Kai, Gen U continued to put pressure on Wei's weakened left flank in an attempt to collapse it. The central Ju Nei Army had to sent in their manpower to the weakened flank to prevent the collapse, thus reducing the offensive capability of Wei Army as a whole. Meanwhile Sen To Un was dueling with Ran Bi Haku and Roku O Mi by himself, putting it under a stalemate.[5] To get out of the stalemate, Go Hou Mei decided to completely change the strategy - he moved Ran Bi Haku to face Kou Yoku in order to free Tou and have Qin be their main attack while Wei would serve as a support.[6]

With Ran Bi Haku army assisting Tou and Mou Bu's army. Roku O Mi was left to handle Sen To Un who lost interest in him, Sen To Un decided to attack Wei's HQ. Roku O Mi seeing that chased after him. With Sen To Un army approaching, Go Hou Mei fortified his defenses and ordered Ryuu Han to turn around. Sen To Un easily reached their final line of defense, but soon after found himself surrounded by Ryuu Han's elite Golden Cavalry Company and Roku O Mi Army.[7]

Mou Bu, having his full attention on Man U, finally meet and clash. Man U commented on how Mou Bu's strength comes from the heavy burden he carries on his shoulders and this is how he defeated Kan Mei. However, their first clash ended with Man U dismounting Mou Bu with a single strike with one arm.[8] Moment later Mou Bu was able to get up and the duel continued. Mou Bu after a while was able to keep up and even leave a wound on Man U's forehead. Man U commented that he is now free from the burden and feels liberated. This made Mou Bu think about Shou Hei Kun. Tou was able to move freely and attack Chu's Headquarters. While leading from the front he reached their final line of defense. Ju Kou Ou was surprised that Qin and Wei could cooperate so well, but he did not panic, despite his advisors begging for retreat. [9]

At the same time a seperate Wei batalion attacked Juuko city with siege towers. [10] This attack was led by Wei commander En Bi. Haku Rei was trying to snipe Tou, but Tou was able to dodge the arrow. Kou Yoku was also trying to chase him, but he was stopped by Ran Bi Haku. Seeing all this Ju Ko Ou decided to finally retreat. His main concern was that Man'u is acting strangely as normally he would strenghten his vanguard and push through, but this time it's the enemy that is pushing him back. He also noted that Mou Bu made Man U change and return to his former self, which is far more interesting then the outcome of this battle. Man U and Mou Bu continued their duel. Man U made a remark that if Mou Bu's burden comes from a living then they might betray their expectations. This made Mou Bu angry as he dismounted Man U. [11]

Before Ju Ko Ou could retreat Tou cought up to him, took over the headquarters and captured him alive. The remaining three Chu commanders gonged a full retreat marking the end of battle.[12]


When Chu army retreated Wei detachment captured Juuko City and Qin received news about it. Tou decided to interrogate Ju Ko Ou, but he insisted that Mou Bu should also hear his story of Man U. After that he was taken into custody and the alliance split apart. Meanwhile the remnants of Juuko Army wandered into Chu capitol in order to talk to Ka Rin.


Now with Wei controlling the city, they send forces to occupy and fortify the city. They repel any Chu attempts to reclaim the city. Now, with Qin off their backs, they plan to attack Han, and status quo on Sanyou was retained.


The loss of the city made Ka Rin think of something. She then went to Man U to talk about something.


Now that Wei threat is out of their side, they focused on reinforcing Gyou, Ryouyou, and the surrounding territories, and sending reinforcements and fresh troops to the frontlines.


Battle at Gecchi Plains Deployment Map.PNG
Map of the battle.


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