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Battle at Dakan Plains
Battle Deployment Dakan Plains.png
Qin Wei
  • Duke Hyou (Commander-In-Chief)
  • Ou Ki (though only observing the battle, he stopped Haku Ki Sai from continuing the battle after Go Kei's defeat.)




80,000 men

150,000 men


49,000 men

30,000 men

  • Go Kei was slain by Duke Hyou.
  • Kyuu Gen was slain by Baku Koshin.
  • Wei army is defeated and General Haku Ki Sai retreats.
  • Duke Hyou decides to retrun home without capturing Keiou castle which was the original goal of the campaign.

The Battle at Dakan Plains was a battle during Keiou Campaign in 245 B.C. The battle was fought between invading Qin forces led by Duke Hyou and Wei forces led by Go Kei.


Dakan Plains (jap.), She Gan Plain (chin.) at the Qin-Wei border.


Due to Anhou Campaign, Wei started using this as an advantage to fortify the region. 

Qin instead ordered a draft from reservists and villagers, Shin included. They were led by Duke Hyou Army.

Their mission, to capture the Wei catle of Xingyang, just to unblock the eastern side of the Middle Kingdom.

The Battle[]

1st Day[]

As Duke Hyou moves his forces, the draftees were divided into 4 divisions, 2 each were to meet in separate rallying points, one Asui and Keiyou, the latter was captured and 2 divisions was forced to camp to Dakan Plains.

As Shin and the division arrived at the field, the battle has begun. As they fight, they were overran by Wei chariots. Shin and Kyou Kai formulated a strategy, using the remnants of the 4th army, they made bottlenecks and used Shin as bait.

As the battle became an attrition, Baku Koshin Unit charged towards Kyuu Gen's position,taking casualties, including himself, but killed the Wei General. And it's all due part of Ou Ki Army showed themselves.

After taking the hill, Duke Hyou himself led a charge with his cavalry. Heki and later Shin charged against Go Kei Army, Shin killing Shu Ki, Duke Hyou killing Ma Ki. A duel started between 2 Generals, the Wei General was played along and killed.

After Go Kei’s death, General Ou Ki came down from the hill and threaten Haku Ki Sai to retreat the Wei army. After Haku Ki Sai's retreat the battle officially ended in Qin's victory.


Battle Deployment