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Ban You
Chinese Pan Yang
Biographical Information
Marital Status Unknown.
Age 50s to 60s
Gender Male
Eyes Black
Hair Gray
Relatives Unknown.
State Qin
Location With the Gyoku Hou Army
Birth Place Qin
Professional Information
Classification Noble
Affiliates Gyoku Hou Army
Qin Military
Military Rank Adjutant
Equipment Spear
Manga Debut Chapter 181
Anime Debut Episode 42
Hon-sama's perception has at long last reached a territory that far surpasses my own talents. Just like how he was the one to come up with our current plan. In which case, all that's for me is to believe in him and continue supporting him from behind.

—To Kan Jou

Ban You is the "Right Hand Man" and adjutant of the Gyoku Hou Army led by Ou Hon.


Ban You is an aged man in his late 50s to early and mid-60s with a warrior’s-built body with scars from decades of warfare. He has long hair that’s usually tied in a ponytail with a beard and mustache greyed from age


He is a gruff man who believes in the superiority of the noble caste. He has a very commanding voice as the Hi Shin unit stood at attention instinctively when he ordered them to. However, he is extremely loyal to Ou Hon and was even willing to give his life for his captain.


Among the Ou Family's vassals, Ban You alone was tasked with the responsibility of taking care of the young lord Ou Hon's military upbringing. As his young lord grew into a fine battle commander, Ban You has always stood by his side as his right-hand man, becoming proud of the young man's achievements and following his commands with absolute loyalty and devotion.


Alliance Arc[]

He is first seen when the Gyoku Hou Unit meets the Hi Shin Unit and orders them to stand at attention which they do. Shin tries to attack him for this but is rebuffed by Ou Hon who shows the difference between him and the Hi Shin Unit. Back at the camp, he informs Ou Hon that the Hi Shin has left the field, mocking them for doing so.

Sanyou Campaign Arc[]

At the siege on the city of Kourou, Ban You informs Ou Hon that the item he requested has arrived. On the 11th day of the siege, he and the Gyoku Hou unit are able to get over the city walls by using a siege tower belonging to the Ou Family. As the battle the soldiers, he comments on how terrifying his leader is and how his name will soon be spread about the land due to his great strategies.

On the siege of Kinrikan, he tries in vain to stop the Hi Shin unit and other soldiers from using their siege tower, shouting that it would give under the weight of so many people. Ban You also admonishes them for using the same scaling tactic the Gyoku Hou used to take the city of Kourou a month ago.  

He, along with the Gyoku Hou unit, is part of the vanguard unit in the Battle of Rui Plains. Directing members of the unit during the fight, Ban You is shocked as to how much the new troops are slowing their efforts and moves to protect his master when Rin Ko arrives. As the Gyoku Hou battle against Rinko's personal unit, Ban You notices that they are stronger than expected and when the duel begins, he is astonished that Rin Ko can parry his master's blows. After seeing Rinko counter Ou Hon's technique, he blocks a killing blow with his spear but is wounded as the blow bends his weapon. He orders a retreat but is stopped by Ou Hon, who throws Rin Ko's sword back at him. 

On the fifth day of battle, he marvels at the genius of Mou Ten in terms of his plan to take Rin Ko's head and splits off from the Gyoku Hou to secure an escape route for them. 

Coalition Invasion Arc[]

Fire Dragons of Wei Arc[]

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

He was alongside his master all the time, from the march to the Battle at Shukai Plains. On the 3rd day he is almost killed by Gyou'un Army's soldiers, but is saved by the last second by Shin and Kyou Kai who just arrived.

Battle of Eikyuu Arc[]


As an adjutant and the Right-Hand Man of the Gyoku Hou Army, Ban You is a very capable military commander.

Physical Abilities[]

Ban You is very proficient with a spear and was able to block a strike from Rin Ko, despite his spear being bended.


Ban You can command and rally men effectively on the battlefield. Men in Gyoku Hou Unit were willing to save him when he was surrounded and almost killed by Gyou'un Army's soldiers. Even soldiers from A Kou Army listened to his request of having Hi Shin Unit as the main HQ of the right wing after A Kou and Ou Hon were incapacitated in the Battle of Shu Kai Plain.

Tactical Abilities[]

Ban You possesses a considerable tactical skills.


It is the fruit of relentless training...Hon-sama was never one to be arrogant or dismissive of hard work despite being born with a natural aptitude for the spear. Palms split, Blood spurting, The Heat of his body rising in plumes from the snow. After subjecting himself to such brutal training day after day ever since a tender age, Hon'-sama's spear...Has already reached the level of a master since long ago!!!

- commenting during Ou Hon's bout with Rin Ko.


Ban You portrait.jpg
Ban You as he appears in the manga.


Ban You anime portrait.PNG
Ban You as he appears in the anime.
Ban You Saves Ou Hon From Rin Ko's Strike anime S2.PNG

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