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Ba Nan Ji
Ba Nan Ji portrait.PNG
Chinese Ma Nan Ci
Kanji 馬南慈
Epithet Demon of Ganmon

Iron Hammer

Biographical Information
Age 50s to 60s
Gender Male
Hair Light Brown
Distinction Multiple scars across his faces and blind right eye.
Relatives Ba Fuu Ji (son)

Unnamed wife

State Zhao
Birth Place Zhao
Professional Information
Classification General
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Ba Nan Ji Army
Ri Boku Army
Zhao Military
Military Rank General
Equipment Glaive
Manga Debut Chapter 484
Fools like them so blinded by their conceit that they have erred from their path... it is time for them to taste Ba Nan Ji's Iron Hammer of Wrath.

—Ba Nan Ji to Chou Ga Ryuu.

Ba Nan Ji is a Zhao General of the inner circle of Ri Boku of the Three Great Heavens. He is known under the moniker "Demon of Ganmon" for his vicious battles against Xiongnu in the Ganmon region.


Ba Nan Ji has a long goatee and a thick mustache. He wears a general's armor and a roman-like helmet. He has a scar on the left eye. According to the soldiers of Gyoku Hou Unit, he’s a large man about the same size as General Mou Bu or the Clan Commander of Kan Ki Army, Zenou.


Ba Nan Ji is a passionate man that wants to deliver justice to the ones that threaten his country. He often rushes to action with a smile on his face which indicates that he enjoys warfare against Zhao's enemies and wants to crush them with his "iron hammer of justice". At the same time, on the battlefield he shown to be rational and calculated.

He stated that he hates the Qin King, Ei Sei and his subordinates for their ambition to conquer and unify China. He also mentions that his strength is dependent on the rage he feels and so far against Qin, he wasn't able to get as fired up as against Xiongnu during the opening days of the Battle at Shukai Plains. He is also bit crass and enjoys taunting others, as he says things to embarrass Kaine in front of others.


Ba Nan Ji was born and raised in the north. In the past, he was an officer who served in the Ganmon stronghold on the Zhao/Xiongnu border. On many occasions, Zhao has dispatched celebrated commanders to Ganmon, but all of them died before reaching the end of their first month. Ba Nan Ji, however, was able to serve in this land of death for a significant amount of time.

Ba Nan Ji would at some point in his life get married and have a son named Ba Fuu Ji.


Koku You Campaign Arc[]

After Kan Ki defeated Kei Sha during the Battle of Koku You Hill, Ba Nan Ji is first seen, together with Ri Boku and Shun Sui Ju. Ba Nan Ji expresses his disappointment at Kei Sha’s death but is optimistic in the discovery of Kan Ki’s weakness and the talent in Ki Sui.

Bureaucrats Job Arc[]

Ba Nan Ji accompanied Ri Boku to Kanyou, to announce war.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

Ba Nan Ji is positioned in the left-wing of the Zhao forces, with the command of Gaku Ei and Chou Ga Ryuu. On the first day, he makes a successful move on the A Kou Army but is stopped by the Gyoku Hou Unit. He duels Ou Hon and is even able to disarm him.

On the next day, however, his army is pincered between A Kou and Gyoku Hou Unit which resulted in the death of many of his soldiers.

Ba Nan Ji loses his right eye

On the night before 9th day Ri Boku meets him in secret to tell him about A Kou Army's weakness. Thanks to this information he is able to break their defense. He duels A Kou to a standstill until Gyou'Un joins and together they defeat Qin general with a hit to his head. However, thanks to A Ka Kin's intervention, he survives. Later, he fights against A Kou Army and is temporarily stalled by A Ka Kin who is using hit and run tactics against him.

On the final day of battle his unit is part of a pincer against Ou Sen's HQ. He sneaks his forces by using the forest as cover and strikes the side of Ou Sen's unit with overwhelming strength. However, he is stopped by Mou Ten, who parries his attack and cuts his eye, allowing Qin's commander in chief to escape.

Zhao Crisis Arc[]

He stalled the Kantan army in order to buy enough time for Ri Boku and prince Ka to escape to Houshou.[1]

Battle of Eikyuu Arc[]

When Ri Boku returns from his exile Ba Nan Ji leaves Seika city with him and joines the frontlines.[2]

Zhao's Retaliation Arc[]


Demon of Ganmon

Kaine referring to Ba Nan Ji.

Strength 94
Leadership 90
Intelligence 84
Experience B
Somehow I didn't get out of normal state

As a deputy to Ri Boku, Ba Nan Ji is a ferocious fighter with a sharp eye for tactics.[3] Chou Ga Ryuu considered him to be one of the key factors in deciding victory or defeat in Battle at Shukai Plains.[4]

In the past, he was an officer who served in the Ganmon stronghold on the Zhao-Xiongnu border. On many occasions, Zhao has dispatched celebrated commanders to Ganmon, but all of them died before reaching the end of their first month. Ba Nan Ji, however, was able to serve in this land of death for a significant amount of time, demonstrating his capabilities.[5]

Physical Abilities[]

Ba Nan Ji's destructive power in action

Immense Strength: Ba Nan ji's size is comparable to Mou Bu and his strength of arms is assumed to be on a similar level to Kai Shi Bou or Ren Pa.[6][7] In the past, he pulverized numerous Xiongnu leaders with his bare fists, despite their almost superhuman skills.[8] He was able to break through enemy lines and easily overpower Gyoku Hou Unit commander, Kyuu Kou.[9] He later fought on par with Ou Hon without taking a single clean hit from him and even dismounted and disarmed young commander.[10][11]

Ba Nan Ji's strength seems to vary depending on his psychological condition.[12] While already being strong in his base, once he gets fired up, he reaches a completely different level as demonstrated when he surprised even Ou Sen by easily breaking through his guard platoons.[13] Even Mou Ten stated that he would not be able to win one duel out of a hundred against the Demon of Ganmon when he's at full strength.[14]


Ba Nan Ji is a ferocious leader as he leads numerous charges in the frontlines. He is capable to command efficiently in battlefield not only his own men, but also soldiers that do not originate from his army as seen when he took command of Gaku Ei Army remnants.

Tactical Abilities[]

Ba Nan Ji was praised by Chou Ga Ryuu and Ka Ryo Ten for his tactical insight.[15][16] On the first day of battle, he split his forces into two groups, an attack force, and distraction to prevent A Kou's second wave to aid the first wave and deal a devastating blow to his army. After Chou Ga Ryuu's defeat, he also made a plan to make a tactical retreat and strike the rear of Qin's right-wing that would go for Zhao's center.


Bananji color.jpg
Ba Nan Ji on v57 back cover.
Ba Nan Ji in robes.png
Ba Nan Ji in his casual robes.
Ba Nan Ji sets off.png
Ba Nan Ji sets off
Ba Nan Ji Power.png
Ba Nan Ji kills A Kou Army Commanders
Ba Nan Ji confronts the Gyoku Hou!!.jpg
Ba Nan Ji confronts Kyuu Kou
Kyuu Kou cut down by Ba Nan Jin.png
Ba Nan Ji cuts down Kyuu Kou
Ba Nan Ji.png
Ba Nan Ji confronting Ou Hon.
Ba Nan Ji's Iron Hammer.png
Ba Nan Ji's Iron Hammer
A Kou and Ba Nan Ji's Exchange.PNG
Ba Nan Ji exchanging blows with A Kou
A Kou vs Ba Nan Ji.jpeg
A Kou and Ba Nan Ji duel.
A Kou vs Ba Nan Ji and Gyou’un.jpeg
Ba Nan Ji and Gyou’un vs A Kou
Ba Nan Ji breaking A Kou’s helmet.jpeg
Ba Nan Ji breaking A Kou’s helmet.
A Ka Kin Saves A Kou from Gyou'un and Ba Nan Ji!!.jpg
A Kou slips Ba Nan Ji's attack.
Ba Nan Ji breaks through Ou Sen's guard platoons.
Ba Nan Ji Loses his Eye.jpg
Ba Nan Ji looses his left eye to Mou Ten's sword as Ou Hon, the Gaku Ka Unit, and Fu Tei watch.


  • Ba Nan Ji has a habit of calling his fist and himself an "Iron Hammer", claiming to kill multiple Xiongnu leaders with it.
  • During the Battle at Shukai Plains, he received a scar from when A Kou's destroyed his war helmet during their duel and lost an eye to Mou Ten.


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