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Hierarchical Information
Rank Archer
Troops N/A
Division(s) N/A
5-Man Squad Leader


Archers are Infantry or Cavalry who utilize bows or crossbows for ranged warfare. While they possess an advantage over melee weapon wielding infantry from afar, this advantage is useless in melee combat.


  • Longbow - used for long distance and precise shots, longbows are best for keeping the enemy in check from afar. Requires a considerable amount of training though.
  • Crossbow - generally used as the last line of defense. Their ease of use makes them ideal for that role and they can even be used by the elderly and those past their prime as they can reload by using their legs if their arms aren't strong enough.
  • Repeating Crossbow - a unique design featuring a lever mechanism and a built-in magazine that allow a wielder to fire multiple arrows in just a few seconds. Their short range and rapid-fire release makes them favorable units for the defense of HQs. However, power and range are not on par to that of longbows.
  • Mounted - few mounted archers have been seen in Kingdom, so their application is not clear. However, they are regarded as essentially elite units that can be quite versatile for mobile tactics. It is known that the Duke Hyou Army used to have an elite unit known as the Sou Kyou Unit. It was led by Sou Gen, the only Qin member of the Ten Bows of China, before he and his entire unit were wiped out due to an ambush while saving trapped Duke Hyou Army troops.
  • Siege Crossbows - Essentially a scaled up version of a crossbow. They are more powerful and are used to attack castles and fortified cities. However, they are hard to construct.


  • When positioned at great range, on defensible terrain (especially if it is hard for the enemy to traverse), or in a protective formation, archers equipped with longbows can easily mow down infantry and cavalry alike.
  • When stationed before an HQ, crossbows can effectively be used in mid-range combat, greatly reducing enemy ranks before they reach your position.
  • Can be laced with poison to make any wound from long range lethal.


  • In close range combat archers are quickly destroyed by infantry and cavalry.


  • Placed atop a hill, archers can slow, or even halt enemy ascent.
  • Deployed in the left and right arms of a 'U' formation, archers can scatter, or even force troops to retreat.
  • Can be hidden atop a gorge, in smoke, or behind brush to ambush troops.


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Soldiers wielding repeating crossbows under attack

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