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A Kou
A Kou portrait.PNG
Chinese Ya Guang
Kanji 亞光
Biographical Information
Age unknown
Gender Male
Height Tall
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Distinction A straight line scar on his left cheek and neck.
Relatives Unknown.
State Qin
Location With the Ou Sen Army
Professional Information
Classification Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Ou Sen Army
A Kou Army
Qin Military
Military Rank General
Equipment Glaive
Manga Debut Chapter 504

A Kou is a General from Ou Sen Army and the commander of the 1st Division. He is considered the most trusted vassal of Ou Sen.


A Kou is a man with warriors build, long black hair, a scar on his left cheek, and a long goatee. He wears a general's armor, long cape, and helmet with claws on the sides.


A Kou is a very serious man and rarely shows many emotions. He's also extremely loyal to his lord and master, Ou Sen.


It was assumed that A Kou worked his way up to the rank of General and served as Ou Sen's number one commander for many years.


Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

A Kou made his first appearance when the army arrived at Retsubi. He was eager to capture the gateway of Zhao's inner cities, but Ou Sen decided on the Hi Shin Unit and Yo Tan Wa Army to take down the city instead. He later accompanied Ou Sen for his visit to Gyou. As his lord pointed out that Gyou is a perfect city and will not fall to attacks, Ou Sen decided to formulate a strategy on the spot. They were later noticed by Zhao patrols which outnumbered them two to one. Despite that, A Kou and his unit continued to eliminate those patrols, so they can not disturb his lord from thinking.

A Kou was positioned as the commander of Qin’s right-wing during the Battle at Shukai Plains. On the first day, he deployed the Gyoku Hou Unit to the reserves where they could launch precision strikes, much to Ou Hon's chagrin. A Kou then met the Gaku Ei Army in a head-on crash where he easily drove the Zhao forces back. In response, Ba Nan Ji flanked A Kou's forces and punched deep into his ranks with the intention to deal a fatal strike, but was intercepted and stopped by Ou Hon and the Gyoku Hou. A Kou then interrupted their duel and briefly clashed with Ba Nan Ji, which allowed Gaku Ei's army to regroup, leaving the day on a stalemate.

On the second day, Zhao led a three-pronged attack to slay Ou Hon. When Chou Ga Ryuu led his forces to pincer the Gyoku Hou alongside Gaku Ei, A Kou sent Ei Ki with 8000 men to save Ou Hon, leading the remainder of his forces to stop Ba Nan Ji who launched a simultaneous assault. After Ou Hon escaped from the pincer and led a small unit into the weak point of Ba Nan Ji's line formation, A Kou, with some annoyance, adjusted his tactics accordingly to cripple Ba Nan Ji's army. After the day was over A Kou congratulates Ou Hon on his success and tells him to come to his tent to discuss strategy.

At the start of the 3rd day, Ri Boku sent Gyou'un to the right-wing to reinforce Zhao's now disadvantaged forces as well as to destroy the A Kou Army. Gyou Un's Rai'un penetrated deep into A Kou's formation and was swiftly followed by the Gaku Ei and Chou Ga Ryuu armies, with even Ou Hon's intervention proving futile against such a powerful assault. Only the timely arrival of the Hi Shin Unit, who stalemated Gyou'un's army, enabled A Kou's forces to regroup against the remaining Zhao forces.

Despite the heavy damage sustained, the A Kou army remained largely intact. Along with his adjutant Gu Nei and Ou Hon, Akou decided to defeat the Zhao commanders piecemeal, starting with Gaku Ei. On the 9th day, A Kou army was to hold off Gyou'un, Chou Ga Ryuu, and Ba Nan Ji's armies while Shin and Ou Hon slew Gaku Ei and his entire army. Using the Shells and Joints Formation, A Kou easily held off all 3 armies until Ba Nan Ji began targeting the joints on the advisement of Ri Boku, a simultaneous attack from Gyou'un allowing Zhao forces to penetrate the formation.

Knowing retreat would allow the 3 Zhao armies to reach the Hi Shin and Gyoku Hou units, A Kou opted to slay the swiftly advancing Ba Nan Ji in a duel while deploying Gun Ei to slow down Gyou'un. While A Kou and Ba Nan Ji were evenly matched, Gun Ei was helpless against Gyou’un and was quickly slain, allowing the 2 Zhao generals to double team A Kou. Despite being at an overwhelming disadvantage, A Kou's tenacity and skill enabled him to hold off both his opponents until he was rescued by A Ka Kin, albeit in a state of near-death. A Ka Kin carried A Kou away from the pursuing Zhao forces while the remainder of the A Kou army attempted to isolate Gyou'un and Ba Nan Ji using the Stratagem of the Severed Paths.

On the 10th day, covered in heavy bandaging he is seen unconscious recovering from his wounds inside his personal tent.

After the battle of Shukai Plains, he was still in a coma. But 5 days after Gyou's capture, he recovered, organized his army, and set out to pincer Retsubi with Tou Army.

Zhao Crisis Arc[]

He is still on the Zhao frontlines together with the rest of Ou Sen Army.

Battle of Eikyuu Arc[]

A Kou is present during strategical meeting of Ou Sen Army.


First amongst Ou Sen's Commanders...A Kou.

Ou Hon

Strength 91
Leadership 89
Intelligence 87
Experience B
Ou Sen Army's Iron Man

As the 1st commander in Ou Sen Army and the most trusted vassal of Ou Sen, A Kou possesses great talents and experience as a general. It was said by Riboku that if he had not sworn himself to Ou Sen, he could very well become supreme commander of a large army. Chou Ga Ryuu even noticed that A Kou's capabilities at the time may greatly outstrip that of Ou Hon. He dislikes resorting to subtlety and usually attacks with fearless direct charges.

Physical Abilities[]

A Kou have a strong martial skill and is very proficient with the glaive. His combat abilities are good enough to fight on par with the powerful Zhao general Ba Nan Ji. He was even able to temporarily hold his ground against Ba Nan Ji and Gyou’un at the same time, although he was eventually overpowered.


A Kou is very capable leader and commands his men effectively on the battlefield. His men are willing to follow him in head clashes as they continue to charge head-on without any regard for their wounded comrades. His men were devastated when he was incapacitated by Ba Nan Ji and Gyou'Un in the Battle of Shukai Plain.

Tactical Abilities[]

Despite his straight-forward nature, A Kou seems to possess good insight for tactics. After serving as the number one commander in Ou Sen Army for many years, he's able to imitate a number of Ou Sen's tactics with exact precision. On offense, he's capable of using Wave Attack Formation. When on the defense he can create a sturdy guard that is difficult to breach even by three different armies.


Ou Sen strategy making at Gyou.PNG
A Kou and his men defend their lord, Ou Sen.
A Kou Army.png
A Kou Army 2.png
A Kou Charge.png
A Kou's charge
A Kou and Ma Kou.png
A Kou and Ma Kou Colored
A Kou order.png
A Kou sets off to kill Ba Nan Ji
Ba Nan Ji attacks A Kou.png
A Kou attacks Ba Nan Ji
A Kou vs Ba Nan Ji.jpeg
A Kou and Ba Nan Ji duel
Akou vs Bananji and Gyou'un.png
A Kou suffering a Pincer Attack from Ba Nan Ji and Gyou’un
A Kou vs Ba Nan Ji and Gyou’un.jpeg
A Kou vs Ba Nan Ji and Gyou’un
A Kou breaking Ba Nan Ji’s helmet.jpeg
A Kou breaking Ba Nan Ji’s helmet.
A Ka Kin Saves A Kou from Gyou'un and Ba Nan Ji!!.jpg
A Kou being saved by A Ka Kin from Ba Nan Ji and Gyou’un's strikes.
Generals of Qin.png
Present at General Ou Sen's strategy meeting regrading Zhao.


  • Despite some believing so, Ma Kou and Akou are not brothers. That is because their first names are the same (Kou), rather than their surnames (Ma and A), the series uses surnames first (for eg. Mou Ten and Mou bu).
  • There's a possibility that A Kou and A Ka Kin are related due to the two sharing a surname and a seemingly casual relationship.

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