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A Ka Kin
A Ka Kin Portrait.jpg
Chinese Ya Hua Jin
Kanji 亞花錦
Epithet Eternal 1000-man Commander (formerly)
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Hair Dirty blonde
Relatives Unnamed wife

Unnamed sons

State Qin
Location With the Gyoku Hou Army
Birth Place Qin
Professional Information
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates A Kou Army
Ou Sen Army
Qin Military
Gyoku Hou Army
Military Rank 3000-Man Commander
Equipment Glaive
Manga Debut Chapter 538

A Ka Kin is a 3000-Man Commander of the Qin Military. He was a member of the A Kou Army but later transferred to the Gyoku Hou Army. He is said to be a prodigy of warfare.


Akakin wears a uniform set of armor with cape to represent his rank as 1000-man commander. He has three goatee beard and wide eyes with pupils that seems to be blank.

His helmet has a similar design to Ou Sen's army officers with three pairs of horn from sides.


A Ka Kin is described by Kan Jou to have a peculiar personality, which is why he remains a 1000-man commander despite people recognizing his talents. He has a tendency to act on his own without permission and ignore orders, which did not change even after he joined the Gyoku Hou Army.

A Ka Kin is talkative and opportunistic, he often displays excitement and confidence whenever he engages in a dangerous mission. He has a signature word "gi" / "gigi" which he uses on many occasions. It is uncertain whether he is laughing or it is just a bad habit of his. He is often seen smiling at all times, the rare occasion he didn't smile was after rescuing A Kou and running away from Ba Nan Ji and Gyou'Un in which Ou Hon ordered a full withdrawal.

He bears some resemblance to Tou by playing around with his fellow comrades, listing them as "killed in action" despite being alive and well. On the 15th day, he revealed to have won a bet against Dan Sa on whether or not Ou Hon would kill Gyou Un.


He was a member of A Kou Army for a while, but he was stuck at the position of 1000-Man Commander due to his difficult personality.


Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

He was a part of the A Kou Army during the invasion who was placed on the left side of the army. On the 2nd day of the Battle at Shukai Plains when Ou Hon flanked the right side of Ba Nan Ji’s army, A Ka Kin joined the attack while encouraging his soldiers to show off their strengths in order to impress the young master. Afterwards, he rushed over to Ou Hon's aid, taking a detachment of 200 cavalry and charged into a 1000-man cavalry unit trying to flank from behind sent by Chou Ga Ryuu. Ou Hon ordered Kou Ho to take 30 men and make sure to save A Ka Kin if his unit got wiped out.

On the 9th day of the Battle at Shukai Plains he was seen throwing little knives at Gyou’un and Ba Nan Ji to save A Kou from certain death.

On the 15th day, after Shin and Ou Hon pushed the right wing, he was tasked to assist Shin, being pinned by Kin Mou.

Shiyuu Conflict Arc[]

At some point A Ka Kin left A Kou Army and joined Gyoku Hou Army. He is seen leading 3000 cavalry under Ou Hon's command. He ignores orders and strikes even deeper within enemy formations, but Ou Hon is fine with it since he keeps it under control, and orders Kan Jou's unit to aim for the enemy HQ in correspondence to A Ka Kin's move.

Battle of Eikyuu Arc[]

A Ka Kin is present during a meeting between Ma Ron and Ou Hon. When the attack on Eikyuu starts he is ordered by Ou Hon to lead a separate force and pincer Zhao in three days. During the climb multiple horses die, but A Ka Kin made sure to take additional ones, so that it didn't hinder their performance in any major way. After they got to the top they see that the rest of Gyouku Hou Army didn't make it, but they've noticed the Hi Shin Army. After Gyouku Hou is defeated A Ka Kin and Hi Shin Army makes their move, A Ka Kin reveals himself and pincers their forces. His cavalry instead of attacking them directry just runs around in order to put psychological pressure. This greatly helped Hi Shin Army to push their advance as they almost reach Zhao's HQ.


Strength 88
Leadership 82
Intelligence 88
Experience C
Talented, but has difficult personality

A Ka Kin was noted by Kan Jou to be a prodigy, however due to his rough personality he was stuck at the position of 1000-man commander. Because of that, he was considered the number one wasted potential in the A Kou Army. After A Ka Kin transferred to Ou Hon's army, he's noted to be a contributing factor to their overwhelming strength.

Physical Abilities[]

A Ka Kin possesses a strong martial prowess and shows high proficiency with a Kris sword, being able to slice any men that come across him.


A Ka Kin is a brave commander that leads fearless charges and rallies his men to strike deep within enemy formations. A good example is when he leaded a detachment of 200 men to fend off a 1000-man cavalry unit.

Tactical Abilities[]

A Ka Kin possesses sharp senses for the battlefield and can correspond well to his allies' movements when needed, such as when he flanked Ba Nan Ji's army and set off to stop Chou Ga Ryuu's cavalry unit without instructions. Against more powerful foes like Ba Nan Ji, he would use hit-and-run tactics without facing them directly for too long. He also uses tricks and wits against enemies that were deemed troublesome for him like throwing small knives as a distraction to save A Kou. Despite his position, many officers within the army listened to his advices on the battlefront and during strategy meetings, especially after A Kou was down due to his injuries


A Ka Kin.png
A Ka Kin charging
A Ka Kin 1000man.png
A Ka Kin
1000-Man Commander
A Kou Army
A Ka Kin Saves A Kou from Gyou'un and Ba Nan Ji!!.jpg
A Ka Kin saving A Kou from Ba Nan Ji and Gyou’un's strikes.
Chapter 684 cover.PNG
A Ka Kin of chapter 684 cover.


  • A Ka Kin translates to (Ya Hua Jin 亞花錦). The same family name is seen with A Kou (Ya Guang 亞光). There is a possible chance they are related but nothing has been confirmed though.

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