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5000-Man Commander
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Hierarchical Information
Rank 5000-Man Commander
Troops 5000
Division(s) 4000-Man Unit
3000-Man Unit
2000-Man Unit
1000-Man Unit
300-Man Unit
100-Man Unit
10-Man Squad
5-Man Squad (Go)
Lieutenant Yes
Strategist Yes
Cavalry Yes
4000-Man Commander

A 5000-Man Commander also known as a Brigadier or Division Commander is a military commander who can command 5000 men and usually is the leader of a 5000-Man Unit. Like with other ranks a commander can gain this position getting achievements, like slay generals/important commanders, fulfilling tasks, and proving to be worthy. However, a 5000-Man Commander is a rank before General, and to achieve this rank is much harder than achieving any of the previous ranks.
According to Shin, a huge war such as The Battle at Kankoku Pass, comes with huge opportunities, gaining the rank of 5000-Man Commander off a battle like that isn't impossible.
It is also being stated that this rank can't be skipped as it is completely different compared to the 3000-Man Commander and 4000-Man Commander.


Because this rank is directly below General, one is able to understand what manner of existence a general truly is. There are many new things that only a 5000-Man Commander would experience from this point onward, Because of its importance, this rank can't be skipped or at least highly inadvisable to do so. The rank of a 5000-Man Commander is not considered a mere stepping stone to the rank of general. It is from this point that a Commander must learn to stop relying on other Units/Armies while being able to achieve results. It is only when a 5000-Man Commander accomplishes this that they will truly become a "General".