1000-Man Commander
Baku Koshin portrait
Hierarchical Information
Rank 1000-Man Commander
Troops 1000
Division(s) 300-Man Unit
100-Man Unit
10-Man Squad
5-Man Squad (Go)
Lieutenant Yes
Strategist Yes
Cavalry Yes
300-Man Commander
2000-Man Commander

A 1000-Man Commander or a Battalion Commander is a military commander who can command 1000 men and usually is the leader of a 1000-Man Unit. Like with other ranks a commander can gain this position getting achievements, like slay generals/important commanders, fulfilling tasks and proving to be worthy. From this rank, the commanders are considered to be important pieces in order to organize an army.



It is the standard 1000-man unit and is assigned to at least a 2000-man unit.


It is a special unit and can only be given orders by a general.

They are not assigned to any unit unless are on a certain major battlefield and when assigned they take orders from superior officers.

When not assigned they can do whatever they please, as long they achieve their tasks.


Right after getting promoted to 1000-man commanders, Ou Hon mentioned to Shin and Mou Ten to start taking their roles more seriously because a 1000-man unit "is an entity that is already at a scale where its action can affect the battlefield as a whole."


A 1000 man unit is considered a small army. Unlike previous ranks, the size of this unit can affect the morale of other units and influence the battle.

According to Mou Ten, a 1000-man unit cannot rely only on momentum to win battles.


The commander has the right to promote 3 people to the rank of lieutenant, as well as the right to promote soldiers to 100-man commanders. The unit is also allowed to bring in a strategist.

When achieving this rank, the commander gains the right to enter war meetings, however, they still aren't allowed to speak.

Achieving this rankEdit

A commander can gain this rank by achieving many merits over the various battlefield. When a general deems an individual worthy of a promotion this rank is given. The loss of a 1000-man commander can create the opportunity for a 300 man commander to get a temporary field promotion, and if that commander proves themselves worthy the rank can become permanent. 

According to Shin, getting promoted from a 1000-man Commander onward is increasingly difficult. 

Quotes Edit

I'm telling you now, the young 1000-man commanders of Qin are all monsters! Second rate trash like you aren't even in the same league as us!

Shin, to Kou Yoku and Haku Rei.

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